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Author Topic: [ANN] [XSX]ServX -(POW)-(Scrypt) -5 EXCHANGES experimental p2p economy built in  (Read 999 times)


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come show support on BETASHAREX!!
We are working on going full scale in the upcoming weeks .... we need more hash
 ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

ServX - The worlds first service backed crypto!
Mine coins pay bills get dinner.
-   #xsx   ServX             @ServXteam

Websters Dictionary defines currency as : circulation as a medium of exchange for either goods or services.
Because we live in a free market society no one person can control an entire market of goods (just ask the people over at THC and URO). Servx aims to provide and control a service that will enable you to:
A) Pay your bills (cable power or any other bill I can pay over the phone with a credit card)
B) Order Takeout from your favorite spot that accepts credit card over the phone

By doing this it is our intention to help bridge the gap between the crypto-community and the rest of the world.
We can't force the world to adopt but we can mediate transactions until that happens.
Now you will be able to take care of life's basic necessities without having to convert to FIAT.
This will be the fastest way to take care of obligations while not being charged a huge service fee.

ServX is a decentralized full PoW math based currency developed for a single purpose: to help miners pay for the necessities of life.
No longer will you wait to get what you need. It will be the quickest,cheapest and only way to pay bills and order takeout with crypto.

Coin Name:      ServX
Symbol:         XSX
Algorithm:      Scrypt Pure PoW
Total Coins:   12 Million
Block time:      60 Seconds  
Block Reward:   12 Coins (No halving)
Premine:      75,000
Block Explorer: seems down contacting operator


Premine Breakdown:
"Grease"                             5,000
Giveaways:            5,000 XSX
Bounties:             5,000 XSX
Emergency Reserve:         15000XSX
Order Fund:            40,000 XSX (or until we have >25 BTC)

Not a single coin will go into the pockets of the developers.

If greater than 25 BTC has been raised from selling the Order Fund then any remaining coins will be added to the Emergency Reserve.
The Emergency Reserve will be held in a public address and will not be accessed unless we have depleted our funds and cannot take orders.
In this case the fund will be replenished once liquidity is restored.

The premine address will be made public after the block explorer is released.
The Premine will be gently traded and not dumped.

Q.   Why choose the Scrypt Algorithm?
A.   Scrypt is extremely well established and has sufficient capacity to support and provide stability for the coin.
   Scrypt is also very accessible to the vast majority of miners.

Q.   75,000 coins is a large Premine, how can we be sure you won't dump?
A.   I am a proven business leader who has actually started companies, (Express Billboards, NEO-TRIBE productions).
   This will be another successful company I run. Dumping coins destabilises them, something my business does not need.
Q.   Why are there no Anonymous features?
A.   We need a record for tax purposes so this coin cannot be anonymous. This coin is not intended to be used for activities
   that require anonymity.

Q.   How can we trust you?
A.   Here is proof I'm a real person:

   Facebook: (yea thats right)
   LinkedIn: or just search for David Mc Glauflin
   Or just click the ad in my sig and find out even more about me. With that kind of disclosure there is nowhere I can hide.

Q.   This seems like a pretty big deal? Are you sure you can handle it if you already run 2 companies?
A.   Yes, I wouldn't do it if I couldn't commit the time the venture requires.

Q.     Why do you need 25 btc
A.      Because we expect many orders

After the coin launches well and we are accepted by the community, this will be the business behind the coin and will work as follows:

During the ALPHA you can call 812 205 3223 to place an order or join us in irc #xsx and place an order there with ServXman

Sometimes simplicity trumps complexity.

1. All Transactions will occur at XSX bid price not ask price on the most prominent exchange on which the coin is listed.
2. All Billpays incur $1 + 1% service fee
3. All food orders incur $1 + 1% service fee

These fees are necessary to grow the business in a sustainable way.

*** The IPO is now closed ***

Coinservices will be a for profit business which is the heart of this coin.
In the spirit of Crypto an IPO was held so investors could buy into the company and enjoy a share of the
profits and success.

IPO Details:

Total shares:   300 (each share represents .1% ownership in Coinservices llc. )
Share cost:      0.01 BTC per share
Shares sold:   170

The funds raised from the IPO will be used to pay for advertising and other launch costs of the business.

What do shareholders get?

1. Everyone gets 125 % of their purchase in shares because you believed in me and the coin.
2. Profit share in proportion to your ownership  (dividends paid monthly in XSX).
3. 10 free ServX distributed after company goes live (from premine) distributed over time on a first come first serve basis.
4. A hand signed and numbered certificate detailing number of shares.
5. Much love and respect from us.
Note: Investing in a business venture is risky but investing in a business based on cryptocurrency is somewhat foolish and
involves risks like entire loss of principal. Any potential investor should weigh all possible options before considering
investing in us.  We make no claims as to the profitability of this business or the price of our coin.  
We do however consider this announcement as our official contract with our shareholders. We hereby do swear under penalty
to follow the guidelines as prescribed by this announcement. In the case of a failed company launch or a decision to liquidate,
all assets (including XSX and bitcoin ) will divided up between shareholders according to their shares held. If we fail to launch
all investor funds will be returned in a timely manner even if they have been used by us to fail to launch. A full public ledger
will be made available in the future
The primary purpose of the IPO was to spread the project around to as many hands as possible as a means of saying
thank you to those of you that believed in us. You guys made this happen.

SIG LINE GIVEAWAY  (Limit 1,000 users)

Insert the following into your signature line:
Code: [Select]
ServX [XSX]  mine coins pay bills get dinner
Post in this thread, Send me a PM and you will receive 3 XSX after launch from the premine.
(after coin launches you may add your XSX address to the sig line and payments will be sent no later than 7 days after launch)

;D ;D  ;D ;D

1 user who enters this promotion will be chosen at random to receive a free Gridseed sha/scrypt dual 5-chip (gold orb) Asic miner.
Since Gridseed were pioneering in their field, so also are we. The more you post in this thread the greater your chances of winning
as i will allow my son to just randomly point to a post that will win the prize. The winner will be chosen on Sept 12 2014.

5 users will be chosen at random to receive 100 XSX. The winners will be chosen and notified by PM on Sept 12 2014.

1 lucky user will get 300 XSX. The winner will be chosen and notified by PM on Sept 12 2014.

You must have the signature ad in your .sig to be eligible for this giveaway.

Block Explorer:      500 XSX CLAIMED
Mac Wallet:         500 XSX
Android Wallet:      1000 XSX+ .025btc
Pools for launch:   500 XSX (trusted pools only like Such, Because, Ipo miner, suprnova etc.) CLAIMED

Spanish:            100 XSX by jackyrozario
Chinese:            100 XSX by Qiwoman
Dutch:               100 XSX by Sethtabiah
French:               100 XSX  by mackbells
Indonesian                                  100 XSX by feryjhie
(All translations must be done by hand by native speakers)

Major Exchange:         1500 XSX (Bittrex, Cryptsy, Poloniex) We would love to launch on polo because they only pick innovative coins and we feel this is a big innovation
Minor exchange:         700 XSX (c-cex, allcoin, coins-e etc)
Baby Exchange:         300 XSX  (bleutrade, allcrypt etc)

Best post in thread (chosen by my beautiful fiancee): 100 XSX


Thank you to chisefu


Thank you to esotericizm for compiling the QT.                  

Thank you to mdtspain!6kFxnYia!C5ZAJVXXcKK57ZbiiickMY8ARohqgXDLtGwfcQIhWL0

EXCEPT wallet.dat
Add this code to ServX.conf

Code: [Select]

Official Trusted Pools:   up and going  seems down seems down

P2P Pool:

Pool operators please PM me if you would like to be added here.

ServX coin is now featured on this new exchange BETASHAREX
come show support for this new exchange we expect big things to happen here

ServX coin is now featured on this new exchange BETASHAREX
come show support for this new exchange we expect big things to happen here

Exchanges:  Just added


Make Donate and Make it Live

Donation : SYvnMXmKx5y2JhitRvPbEPxMEDiQ4WmZbJ

Roll it Now!

Note: Confirmation in 10 min.


Finish Wallet:         Done by 22nd ( already being coded)
Launch:               Launched
Distribute Giveaways:     Later Today
Distribute Bounties:      Later Today
Fix Wallet:            Fixed
Alpha Tests 9/17-9/20

there is no reason why we cant blow up at this time. unfortunately the scene and community hasn't supported this project as we had hoped. that dosent mean we wont be successful, it just means we will be using more of our personal funds to achieve our goals.  stay with us ... please

Incorporate Coinservices llc
Distribute Premine
Beta Launch Coinservices llc in take out only mode DELAYED
[it is possible we may not turn a profit at this point we might actually lose money until we have a perfected system (funding from premine)]
Optimise Processes
Fully Launch Coinservices llc (TBA depending on process optimisation)
Commence paying dividends
Implement a system for buyer protection and network chargebacks  
(I assure you NO COIN will go mainstream without this. My contacts in Fortune 500 companies have voiced this concern and will fully support a coin that has this in place)
Change the world
I started this project with the goals of creating a service I feel is needed and useful in the current state of crypto.
I also wanted to prove that in this community of marketers, coders, traders, geeks and anarchists that good things can come to
people that do good things for all. I have paid my dues started from nothing and have been blessed with success.
Now I want to create something that gives back to the community that has given me so much.

Thank you all so much for supporting this project and helping me live the dream I will try my best to do it justice and reward those who made it possible.

Your servant and mediator


We always appreciative of what people think so please post any and all comments here so I can gauge peoples opinions.

Thank you for your support
In Crypto We Trust

Please Note: only MickGhee (aka Spayse) is authorized to speak on behalf of this project.
At no time will any other party be authorized to make statements on my behalf.


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hello forum members this is my first and only crypto project and it is really an experiment in p2p Economics the aim of this project is to build the worlds first P2P decentralized self sustainable economy, and serve as an example on what Crypto can actually do. we are up-and-coming and still struggling to gain exposure but we hope this can show the world and big business what you can accomplish with crypto. Please support this project if you want to see things like this happen in the real world.

power to the people



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