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Author Topic: Rules for the Marketplace Board on Bitcoin Garden - Please Read (20 Nov 2018)  (Read 1390 times)


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  • Welcome to marketplace board. No complicated rules, but please read and comply.

    - All are welcome to post their items for sale/buy on this board.

    - No illegal stuff, zero tolerance. You'll get a permanent ban for doing so.

    - Selling betting/trading accounts is not allowed. It is illegal. See line above.

    - Do not re-post new threads for the same service, post an update in the same thread, instead.

    - You're not allowed to lock your thread. Since you're doing a trade, you may allow people to leave feedback.

    - English language only. For other languages there are local boards:

    WARNING: I advise to all people paying with cryptocurrencies to use a trusted
    escrow for your transactions as they are permanent and cannot be cancelled.

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