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Author Topic: [ANN] Bitcoin Anonymous (BTCA) Privacy. Anonymity. Secure Digital Money  (Read 23 times)


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A Decentralized Vision

Bitcoin Anonymous (BTCA) enables you to transfer on the blockchain without any trace with true privacy and anonmity. BTCA is an non-inflationary, easy to use electronic decentralised cryptocurrency just like Bitcoin (BTC) to replace government issued currency. There is no central control over the currency. Bitcoin Anonymous is community driven and decentralized. Developers are all volunteers.

Censorship Free Currency

Governments don't need to track your money and every transaction you make! Bitcoin Anonymous enables you to transfer on the blockchain without any trace hiding both sender and receiver's data, as well as the transaction value. This gives you complete anonmity when sending funds. “The government should be afraid of the people, the people shouldn't be afraid of the government.” ― Edward Snowden

Anonymous Transactions

Bitcoin Anonymous enables you to transfer on the blockchain without any trace. This gives you complete anonmity when sending funds. Based on a modified zk-SNARK Sapling protocol and encrypting with Zero-Knowledge Proofs. New addresses are created for every transaction on the blockchain adding more decentralization and anonmity to transactions.

Secure Money Transfers

Sending BTCA cost less than $0.01. i.e. Almost free! Bitcoin Anonymous also is much faster to send then many cryptocurrencies, transfering on average in 1 second (1/2 of a second to generate, 1/100 of a second to verify). Anonymous BTCA sending ensures transactions remain confidential while allowing people to selectively (if end user wants to) share address and transaction information for auditing or regulatory compliance.

Peer To Peer Nodes

A way you can earn earn more BTCA is by staking Bitcoin Anonymous in your wallet. This is a term also referred to as "mining" cryptocurrencies. When you stake your BTCA in your wallet and leave it open on your computer you essentially become a node in the network that helps verify transactons privately. The more people who run nodes the more secure the network becomes. Bitcoin Anonymous will be fully mined in 15 years, with 3 BTCA block reward every 60 seconds granted.

Node Wallets:

For [Windows] you need to manually extract the zip and first, Double-Click the fetch_params.bat
For [Linux] open the tar. and first run, before the installer: ./path_to_tarball/

Mac .dmg (v10.13-10:14) -

Mac .dmg (v10.15 - 11+) -

Linux .tgz 32 bit -

Windows 64 bit -

Ubuntu 18.04 OS -



Masternode Hosts:

Pecunia Platform:

VPS Masternode Setup:

Collateral: 100
Masternode Port: 34472
Block Time: 60 Seconds
Block Reward:  (2 BTCA MN / 1 BTCA POS)
Mining Period: 15+ Years
Max Circulation: 21 Million


Other Links:

Official Email: [email protected]
Official Logo:


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