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Author Topic: [ANN][ICO][TKR] Trackr | Portfolio management app with intelligent market alerts  (Read 1180 times)


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Hello everyone, this is Nabeel, one of the founders of Trackr. We have been developing a project for the past two months with some great ideas and we'd like to announce our altcoin, ('TKR') to you that will be used to fuel the app and its development.

What is the project?
Trackr is a mobile application (for iOS/Android/Windows) which offers real-time alerts on cryptocurrency market shifts as they are about to happen. The Trackr app offers an all-in-one interface to view and manage your portfolio, predicts cryptocurrencies deemed safe for investment (based on historical analysis and current market trend) in addition to allowing users to set up watchers to alert on various cryptocurrencies based on their invocation criteria. Furthermore, Trackr will also use historical data models and apply machine learning to obtain prediction models for cryptocurrencies and portfolios.

How does it benefit me?
New players to the cryptocurrency market may be reluctant to invest due to the lack proper analysis and knowledge in the field, while some invest a small amount to test the waters. Unfortunately, the increase in value of cryptocurrencies also attributes directly to the amount of fraudulent schemes that are prevalent, as is also the case outside the cryptocurrency world. Most investors often invest blindly based on unwarranted media hype, attractive schemes (using flattery to convince the investor) and false promises among other things. Trackr aims to alleviate all of the aforementioned issues and provide useful insight to the users that they can rely on and trust.

What services does it provide?
- Streamlined Dashboard
Track your wallet addresses and individual cryptocurrencies, and view your portfolio value against purchase and market price using real-time data

- Analysis and Insights
Performs analysis and provides insights on existing cryptocurrency trends based on your selected preferences
- Trade Impulse Recognition
Automatic alerts for sudden trade events that might indicate profitable trade opportunities
- Watcher Alerts
Intelligent notifications that trigger based on certain conditions that you specify for cryptocurrencies and exchanges
- Machine Learning Predictions
Enjoy cryptocurrency and portfolio prediction models derived from historical data using AI and machine learning
- Scalable Infrastructure
Whether you set up 10 or 10,000 watchers, our system will scale dynamically to meet demand

How is this different than other trackers? Is this profitable?
We aim to provide a very comprehensive management and alerting system, in addition to your custom alerts (based on a whole range of customizable criteria) the Trackr app will also provide out of the box alerting depending on certain algorithms we have in place to detect sudden market trend. We estimate that users can profit anywhere from 15% to 20% depending on their comfort zone.
One of the key things we'd like to mention is that we do not store ANY of your data other than Watchers on our servers.
Machine learning based predictions?
Trackr will use historical data models for the majority of cryptocurrencies and apply machine learning to obtain prediction models by finding patterns in existing data.
Initially, we will train the algorithms based on data sets, then we will generate prediction models and compare them against the expected values. This process repeats until we're at a comfortable level of accuracy.
Why do you need funding for this project?
Our primary goal is to keep developing this application and continously add features that the community likes to see. Server infrastructure can be very expensive depending on the amount of traffic and ultimately we'll want to expand our team.
For a more detailed answer please see the whitepaper.
Will this app be accessible without requiring a subscription?
Definitely, we will provide a 'free tier' option that allows all users to use this application. However, there will be some limitations to the features they can access.
The alpha version will have all features unlocked, when the subscription model has been introduced some features will be restricted or reduced (these will then require a nominal fee payable monthly using the 'TKR' token). This process wil be made easy by providing a smart contract to renew your subscription that automatically credits your account.
Why do you need a token for this project?
The token will be basis to provide services on the application. We're still finalizing the details on exactly what features will fall under the subscription model, and will share more information in due time.
We will also be launching an online portal for any TKR token holders, they will be able to directly influence key decisions and vote on future additions/ideas for Trackr.
When is the ICO and how do I contribute?
The ICO will be launching on Wednesday, the 1st of August at approximately 12 PM UTC. The ICO crowdsale will run for 30 days or until the cap has hit (whichever is first).
The Trackr token, ('TKR'), is an ERC20 token that will be issued as soon the contribution has been made through a smart contract. You can only contribute using ETH (Ether). A more details web page, closer to the ICO date, will explain where and how a user is able to participate in the crowdsale.
ICO Details
The crowdsale period will start approximately at 12 PM UTC on the 1st of August 2017 and will last for exactly one month.
A total of 65 000 000 TKR tokens will be in existence whereby 90% is allocated to the ICO campaign, 5% to the bounty campaign and the remaining 5% to the team. An additional 500 000 TKR tokens will be available for the purposes of exchanging pre-ICO tokens to ICO tokens.
The Trackr token, (íTKRí), will be distributed at a rate of 5000 TKR tokens for each (1) ETH to all contributors during the ICO. A total of 58 500 000 TKR tokens are made available for crowd funding. There is a bonus allocation depending on the contribution date, which is as follows:
  • Contributions made in the first 48 hours of the ICO will receive a +20% bonus.
  • Contributions made after the first 48 hours until the end of the second week (14 day period) will receive a +10% bonus.
  • Contributions made during the third week will receive a 5% bonus.
  • Any contributions made outside the aforementioned periods will receive no bonus allocation.

The minimum amount of Ether that can be sent to the smart contract is 10 Finney (0.01 Ether).
Remaining tokens will be destroyed, this emits an event on the blockchain for people to track
Before our initial ICO we want to assess interest and provide early investors with a bonus. We will be holding a small pre-ICO on Wednesday the 12th of July 2017 at roughly 12 PM UTC lasting for a total of 5 days.
  • The Pre ICO will use the token denomination TKRP
  • One TKRP is worth 1 TKR
  • A total of 500 000 (50 Ether) TKRP will be available
  • 1 ETH (Ether) will yield 10 000 TKRP, a 200% bonus.

A transfer function will be available on the main ICO to facilitate the exchange of TKRP to TKR tokens at a rate of 1:1 for the duration of the ICO.

Any questions please feel free to ask on Slack, on this thread or simply e-mail us at team [at] trackr [dot] im, the bounty campaign will be posted shortly. Please try to avoid PMing as there's a limit on the messages per hour, so we can not guarantee we can message you back.

Please note that we will have an initial alpha version sometime before the main ICO for users to test out, we're currently polishing up and finishing some integrations. This will not contain the full functionality yet, we're still working towards it as much as we can and will keep you guys updated.

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A total of 5% (3 250 000 TKR tokens) is available for grabs in the bounty campaign. The bounty will be rewarded a few days after the main ICO has concluded.

Rather than the traditional model of allocating a percentage to each section we will be evaluating on a per-contribtion basis on every Saturday, this post will be updated with a spreadsheet link that contains the relevant information. Each contribution will earn 'points', after the ICO has concluded we will be distributing the rewards based on the amount of your points and the total points accumulated.

All forms of media accounts must be at least a month old and have some sort of user base / followers / karma / etc. This is done to ensure a user does not create new accounts.

Any form of media must have mention of Trackr, contain its website link and optionally the bitcoin talk link to the main announcement page. Blog posts must contain an image as well (you may randomly select one from the ones we have provided on our website and here).

Any user attempting to obtain credit for someone elses work will be forfeited from the compaign

1. One per user, must have existing translations. We will verify the quality before we accept the translation.

Only the following translations pages are required, we do not need any other languages.
  • Indonesian - Reserved
  • Spanish
  • Chinese
  • German
  • French
  • Italian
  • Dutch
  • Russian
  • Turkish
  • Portuguese

100 Points for announcement thread
25 Points for bounty thread
150 Points for Russian or Chinese whitepaper translation (has to be of high quality)

Please note that we only want the announcement and bounty thread translated, only a Russian or Chinese whitepaper translation will be accepted. Please sign up using the form link provided at the end of this post, we will send back a PM to the users that have been accepted for translations.

GitHub Bug Bounty
1. This section is regarding bugs on our solidity contracts on our Github
2. Any bug that can be exploited or could cause issues will be rewarded (no matter how big or small)
3. Valid suggestions that may improve the contract's quality of life will also be accepted for rewards

1. Low severity - 100 points
2. Medium severity - 500 points
3. High severity - 1000 points

Social Media (FB/Twitter/Blogs/Reddit/etc)
1. The posts must be of high quality and not be considered spam
2. The points will be assessed based on the amount of traffic (followers, friends, traffic, karma, etc)
3. The user is able obtain twice the bounty per week from this section (i.e. maximum 2 retweets, blog posts, reddit posts, etc)
4. For social media such as twitter/FB you have to retweet/repost/like our posts
5. You must have active followers and they have to be somewhat related to cryptocurrency
6. The maximum amount of points you receive depends on your actual amount of traffic, for example if you tweet twice in a week, do a blog post with a lot of traffic and have a fairly active FB repost then you could be earning as much as 40-50 points for that week alone.

1. Low traffic - 5 points
2. Medium Traffic - 10 points
3. High traffic - 15 points
4. Exceptionally high traffic - 25 points

Forum Signature
1. Must have an account that is at least older than today, points will be awarded based on activity and rank.
2. Must be active on the forum and not remove the signature for a full week duration to be eligible
3. Multiple signatures are allowed as long as they don't directly clash with the same product idea.
4. No spamming is allowed
5. Must be posting on a regular basis and not just inside the bounty and the announcement topic
6. Some points may be allocated for those that do not join the signature campaign but still mention Trackr (you will need to sign up for this)
7. At least 3 posts to be made per week in the announcement topic to keep it active (they have to be constructive).

1. Less than member: 2 Points per week
2. Member: 5 Points per week
3. Full Member: 8 Points per week
4. Sr. Member: 12 Points per week
5. Hero Member: 17 Points per week
6. Legendary: 25 Points per week

* An additional 5 points per week rewarded if the user has the Trackr avatar

Avatar to use

Signature for Hero/Legendary/Senior

Code: [Select]
[td][center][url=][size=22px][color=black][b][font=Franklin Gothic Book]TRACKR[/font][/b][/color][/size]
[size=7pt][color=black][font=Franklin Gothic Book]CRYPTO APP[/color][/size][/center][/td]

[td][url=][size=8pt][color=black][b][font=century gothic][color=#226ac2]✔[/color] Trade Impulse Recognition
[color=#226ac2]✔[/color] Streamlined Dashboard
[color=#226ac2]✔[/color] Analysis and Insights
[td][url=][size=8pt][color=black][b][font=century gothic][color=#226ac2]✔[/color] Machine Learning Predictions
[color=#226ac2]✔[/color] Watcher Alerts
[color=#226ac2]✔[/color] Scalable Infrastructure


[td][center][url=][size=12pt][color=black][font=Franklin Gothic Book]Automatically Predicted[/font][/color][/size]
[size=12pt][color=black][font=Franklin Gothic Book]Market Alerts[/color][/size][/center][/td]

Signature for Full

Code: [Select]
[td][center][url=][color=black][b][font=Franklin Gothic Book]TRACKR[/font][/b][/color]
[color=black][font=Franklin Gothic Book]CRYPTO APP[/color][/center][/td]

[td][url=][color=black][b][font=century gothic][color=#226ac2]✔[/color] Trade Impulse Recognition
[color=#226ac2]✔[/color] Streamlined Dashboard
[color=#226ac2]✔[/color] Analysis and Insights
[td][url=][color=black][b][font=century gothic][color=#226ac2]✔[/color] Machine Learning Predictions
[color=#226ac2]✔[/color] Watcher Alerts
[color=#226ac2]✔[/color] Scalable Infrastructure


Signature for Member

Code: [Select]
[td][center][url=][b][font=Franklin Gothic Book]TRACKR[/font][/b]
[font=Franklin Gothic Book]CRYPTO APP[/color][/center][/td]

[td][url=][b][font=century gothic]✔ Trade Impulse Recognition
✔ Streamlined Dashboard
✔ Analysis and Insights
[td][url=][b][font=century gothic]✔ Machine Learning Predictions
✔ Watcher Alerts
✔ Scalable Infrastructure


Signature for Jr. Member
Trackr - Smart Cryptocurrency Tracking App with automatic market predictions and alerts.

Code: [Select]
[url=]Trackr[/url] - Smart Cryptocurrency Tracking App with automatic market predictions and alerts.

Signature for  Newbie.
Trackr dot im - Smart Cryptocurrency Tracking App

Code: [Select]
Trackr dot im - Smart Cryptocurrency Tracking App
Sign up using this form

Please note that we will update this thread with a spreadsheet link on every Saturday starting from the next Saturday. The spreadsheet is drafted every Saturday at 22:00 PM UTC and runs until the next Saturday at 18:00 UTC. The bounty campaign will last UNTIL the ICO has concluded. We will open up a different bounty campaign after the ICO, more details to follow on that.

Please join us on Slack for quicker resolution on your questions, you can also reply on this thread or simply e-mail us at team [at] trackr [dot] im. Please try to avoid PMing as there's a limit on the messages per hour, so we can not guarantee we can message you back.

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