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Author Topic: 🚀 ETHEREUM 3.0 is available for a limited time! A $5,000 AIRDROP  (Read 79 times)


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ETHEREUM 3.0 is available for a limited time! A $5,000 AIRDROP is waiting for you - be reactive!

Just a few more hours and you won't be able to do it anymore

Don't miss this opportunity! ETHEREUM 3.0 is available for a limited time! An AIRDROP of $5,000 awaits you - Be reactive!

 Only 2 days left - Act fast!

 ETHEREUM 3.0 has just been launched! It's not just an Airdrop, it's much more than that!

 Don't miss this chance to take part in ETH3.0, it's time to act!

 A new $5,000 airdrop is underway, but there are only 2 days left to enter!

 The claim is INSTANTLY in your wallet, with no gas charges!

 Supported by Binance from March 1, as well as other major platforms such as Binance, Okx, Mexico, Bybit, Kucoin, Huobi and many more...

 What exactly is ETH3.0?

ETH3.0 is a faster, more secure and less expensive L1 network based on a fork of the underlying Ethereum EVM framework. ETH3.0 tokens will be distributed according to the verified investment contract, based on the original Ethereum block. The total amount of $3.0 ETH corresponds to a supply of 120,254,695.

 Here's the address of the Eth ERC20 network contract: 0xf6931c816f2ec82295c9e058d27fad008ee816b7

 Be sure to set your language to English, then click on the AIRDROP rectangle. PRESALE

submit your MetaMask or Trustwallet address, and click on CLAIM. Hurry, there are only 2 days left!

 Instant withdrawal of funds!

 Sign up now to make sure you don't miss out:
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