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Author Topic: Launch of Xyndicate and our Epoch 1 Airdrop  (Read 130 times)


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  • Launch of Xyndicate and our Epoch 1 Airdrop
    « on: December 01, 2023, 09:22:45 AM »

    Launch of Xyndicate and our Epoch 1 Airdrop 

    We are excited to announce the launch of Xyndicate, a new platform blending social networking with crypto trading. Alongside our launch, we're introducing an enticing airdrop campaign.

    Xyndicate Airdrop: Epoch 1 Details

    ● 4 Billion $XYN Tokens Up for Grabs
    ● Earn Points: 100 points per referral, plus 20 points for each of their first 5 posts.
    ● Points for New Users: Earn 20 points per post for up to 5 posts.
    ● More Points, More Tokens: Your share of the airdrop depends on your points.

    The airdrop starts on December 1st. The closing date for this epoch will be announced later.

    To get started: Earning your share of $XYN is simple - just refer new users to the Xyndicate app and earn referral points! The more referral points you accumulate, the greater your weight in the airdrop distribution pool. Sign up at

    About Xyndicate: Pioneering the Future of Crypto Social Trading

    Xyndicate stands at the forefront of integrating the worlds of social networking and cryptocurrency trading. Our platform is more than just a tool; it's a thriving ecosystem designed to empower crypto enthusiasts, traders, and social connectors.

    Key Aspects of Xyndicate:

    ● Unified Social Trading Environment: At the heart of Xyndicate is a seamless blend of social interaction and trading functionality. Engage in discussions, follow market leaders, share your insights, and execute trades - all within a single, integrated platform.

    ● Advanced Trading Tools and Analytics: We're committed to providing sophisticated trading tools that cater to both novice and experienced traders. From real-time analytics to customizable trading bots, Xyndicate is equipped to enhance your trading decisions and strategies.

    ● Collaborative Syndicate DAOs: A standout feature of Xyndicate is our implementation of Syndicate DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations). These allow users to pool resources and knowledge, making collective investment decisions in the crypto market. It's a powerful way to democratize investing and leverage the wisdom of the crowd.

    ● Customizable User Experience: Recognizing that no two traders are the same, Xyndicate offers a highly customizable user experience. Tailor your feed, set your trading preferences, and curate your social interactions to suit your unique needs and interests.

    ● Security and Reliability: In the volatile world of crypto, security is paramount. Xyndicate is built with industry-leading security measures to protect your data and assets, ensuring a safe and reliable trading environment.

    ● Community-Driven Development: We believe in the power of community. Xyndicate is not just developed for our users; it's developed with them. Feedback and ideas from our community are a cornerstone of our development process, helping us to continually evolve and improve.

    As we launch Xyndicate, we invite you to be part of a platform that's set to revolutionize the way people interact with the world of cryptocurrency. Join us, and let's build the future of social trading together.





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