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Author Topic: BotsBit A Bot Trading via AI with a $20 Bonus!!!  (Read 74 times)


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BotsBit A Bot Trading via AI with a $20 Bonus!!!
« on: June 09, 2023, 02:18:07 PM »
BotsBit A Bot Trading via AI with a $20 Bonus

BotsBit is a platform designed to simplify and automate the crypto-currency trading process.

Recover your $20 BotsBit now:

AI-powered bots that take the hassle out of trading for the inexperienced or pro.
and let the artificial intelligence handle it.

It offers different investment plans just like the other HYIPs, and you can see members' withdrawals and deposits directly from the site.
We can verify this via hashes on the blockchain.

Here are the 4 Bots on offer + a Bot Bonus:
your winnings counter increases live

Bots 1
Starting at $15
5% daily profit
Total profit $22.50

Bots 2
From $3001
6% daily earnings
Total profit $5401.80

Bots 3
From $7001
Gain of 7% daily
Total profit $14702.10

Bots 4
From $120001
Gain of 8% daily
Total profit $28802.40

Bonus bots are offered as soon as you register
Its value is $20
brings you $0.20 daily

Get your $20 BotsBit now:

Please note: To be able to withdraw your Bonus plan winnings, you must have at least one active Bot.
Bonus Bots earnings will accumulate with your purchased bot.

All Bots have a 30-day lifespan, and you can reinvest your winnings by choosing to make a deposit.
From your winnings


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