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Author Topic: LimeWire airdrop $1.5 Million in Prize Value [Hurry up before the end] [10/10]  (Read 211 times)


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LimeWire is relaunching as a digital collectibles marketplace for art and entertainment, initially focused on music. Using LimeWire, you'll be able to create, buy and trade NFT collectibles with ease.

LimeWire is airdropping a total of $1.5 Million worth of LMWR to the top 4,000 referrers. Sign up for their waitlist campaign and refer your friends to win up to 100,000 LMWR each.

Step-by-Step Guide:

 ---- Visit the LimeWire waitlist page.>
  - Click on “Join Waitlist”.
  - Now submit your email and sign up.
  - Verify your mail.
 Now start inviting your friends to earn your share of the total pool.
 The top referrer will get 100,000 LMWR, referrers ranked from 2 to 6 will win 50,000 LMWR each and referrers from rank 7 to 4,000 will get 100 LMWR     
  each and 1 LimeWire Original NFT.
 The winners will be contacted before their token sale goes live on May 2nd, 2023 and then they need to complete KYC to receive the rewards.


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