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Author Topic: Camping Coin Scrypt Pow/POS For the camping / Caravan comunity !  (Read 207 times)

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Camping Coin Scrypt Pow/POS For the camping / Caravan community!


Scrypt Proof of Work and Proof of Stake

Block reward - 10000 coins

Last PoW block - block 3000

Premine 10% - For giveaways/promotions/exchange listings/campsite owners/shop owners

PoS percentage -  85% per year

we were going to launch this coin a few years back but we didn't end up releasing it!

We feel now is the right time as the camping industry is on the rise and more people are going camping than on holidays abroad!

our goal is to get campsites/camping shops to accept this cryptocurrency as payment for goods/pitches!

We will update this thread Asap with more information

Links - Githuib -
Windows Wallets -
Explorer -

ADDNODE - - - addnode=
Website - Soon
Discord - Soon
Twitter - Soon
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