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Author Topic: SUPERAVENTURE Only a few days left!  (Read 162 times)


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SUPERAVENTURE Only a few days left!
« on: March 17, 2023, 11:51:33 AM »

as you know the Superaventure Version 2.0
without any sponsorship, will start soon.

If you are registered in version 1.0,
and you have not yet made a donation
50$ in the 2 X 2 matrix, then you only have
then you only have a short time left.

Because it is the only condition to fulfill
to participate in version 2.0

If you don't make this $50 donation
in the 2 X 2 matrix, then you will
miss the version 2.0 without sponsorship
which will pay 3 times your investment
and this could happen every week.

Small reminder of version 2.0:

- No sponsorship to win

- 3 possible programs:

* 2 Dies at $10 ($20) that pay $60
* 2 Dies at $20 ($40) that pay $120
* 2 $40 ($80) dies that pay $240

If you participate in all 3 programs,
you invest $140 and earn $420

Net profit = $280

If you do it every week (your choice):
280$ X 4 weeks = 1120$ / Month

- Investment with earnings X 3

- Placement of members in a row
in chronological order of arrival,
and fairly.

- 45 countries are participating.
(Imagine the world that will take position
list of countries below)

- Impossible scam
because payment from member to member
via Paypal and USDT TRC20.

And all this will only be possible
IF you have made your $50 donation
in the 2 X 2 matrix in the 1.0 program.

Here it is, it will start in a few days
and the ball is in your court.

Do you want to take this chance or not?
It's up to you.

In any case, I wish you a great success.



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