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Author Topic: Introducing the WINGS DAO Referral Program.ICO LIVE!!!BONUS 30%  (Read 879 times)


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Introducing the WINGS DAO Referral Program.ICO LIVE!!!BONUS 30%
« on: November 17, 2016, 09:07:21 AM »

Be a part of the 1%

We are very excited to introduce the WINGS DAO Referral Program that will reward up to 1%(1 000 000) of all WINGS tokens to WINGS supporters referring backers for the WINGS campaign. The program will utilize same familiar WINGS bounty cabinet and Telegram EggsBot, in order to enable an easy reuse of the existing referral registrations.

Why are we doing this?

Our goal is to create a decentralized organization held together by smart contracts, and so, the more people involved globally we believe the more value will accrue to the WINGS community, thus we want to create a system that rewards consistent supportive behaviors that expand the community base. We also want to continue with the momentum that started with the EGGS program, and additionally, set an example for future projects how to engage and reward a global community who puts forth their personal time to reach out and engage.

How is this being done technically?

When the referral codes were first created they were initially meant to reward EGGS for community members who got sign ups. We also spent a lot of effort to clean up the list from bad actors who spammed us with fake emails. It wasnít an ideal set up but we believe that those who provided value should be rewarded correctly. One particular member was responsible for a few hundred referrals and we want to extend a thank you to them for helping WINGS spread to those interested in crypto-based projects.

Currently, the referral tracking is done when someone signs up for the newsletter on, however soon we will also implement a way for members to share any WINGS blog article with their referral code attached in the URL (i.e., and when a new member signs up for the WINGS donation-based crowdfunding portal they shall have that relationship noted in the funding database. When a new member donates some amount, the referring member is assigned credit for that amount.

How is the referral amount calculated and distributed?

When a referred campaign participant donates, the referring member (referrer) has that amount recorded in the funding database (if an altcoin was donated, it will be converted into BTC at the current exchange rate before). After the WINGS backing campaign is completed, the total referred amount will be used to calculate a percentage of up to 1 million Wings tokens that will be distributed to referrer.

So for example, if Raul ( referred 50 BTC and there is a total of 5,000 BTC that were brought all through referrers (including ETC, ETH, XRP and LTC converted to BTC value), he will receive up to 10,000 WINGS as a reward.

Code of conduct

When participating in this program, confirming referrer terms presented in the funding portal will be required. There will be an emphasis placed to ensure donators understanding that WINGS performing a donation-based crowdfunding for a Swiss foundation, similar to the one performed for the Swiss Ethereum Foundation.

Next Step?

Members should continue to use the referral link they can obtain via EggsBot or at; for those who are interested in supporting the project and do no have an account, simply follow the link and register.
When the WINGS donation-based crowdfunding portal is running later this week, you shall be able to log in with the same account and should your referrals donate you will receive your credit.

If you have any questions please join us in our telegram chat

Thanks for your support and letís make DAOís great again! :)
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