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Author Topic: ReduX a game changer in the green energy industry and in the crypto world  (Read 441 times)


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In recent months, much attention has been placed on the energy crisis and climate change. Most technologies today put huge stress on the environment. Even though the existing technological machinery aims to ease life, the impact of their application has a negative impact on the environment.

This is where ReduX – the first environmentally conscious technology, comes into the picture. ReduX can be applied practically to any industry, and the benefits offered by this technology are immense. The innovative solutions offered by ReduX can help fight energy shortages and climate change.


Private Sale 1 will end on December 31st 2022

Token price  $0.12

Token type  BEP-20

Accepted currencies BNB, BUSD

Total Supply 2000000000
Tokens for sale 30000000

Eduard M. Barcikowski
Founder Chairman Board of Directors

Peter Mueller
Founder CEO, Board of Directors

Moritz Zuellig
Founder CFO, Head Advisory Board


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