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Author Topic: MOSDEX Referral Revenue Digging!  (Read 29 times)


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  • MOSDEX Referral Revenue Digging!
    « on: November 19, 2022, 12:15:10 PM »
    ● MOSDEX Referral Revenue Digging!

    ● MOSDEX Referral Program Introduction

    ● MOSDEX Referral Program Benefits

    MOSDEX referral Revenue

    MOSDEX Referral Revenue Digging!


    I would like to explain the referral revenue of MOSDEX, the world's largest arbitrage trading platform.

    MOSDEX is the world's best platform that allows ordinary users to participate in cryptocurrency arbitrage trading, an arbitrage trading program that was previously used only by institutions and whale users.

    1.What is MOSDEX referral?

    This is a win-win promotion that gives members a 30USDT bonus when they sign up through the MOSDEX referral link and also benefits MOSDEX referral promoters.

    2. Can anyone get the MOSDEX referral revenue link?

    You must have a MOSDEX account signed up with the link below, and you can check the link on the referral page after signing up. The link below is the best subscription address with a 3% commission on partner staking revenue as well as a PRO3 level. 30USDT will be paid immediately!

    Click on "Sign up" to sign up for “PRO3” application account and apply for 30 USDT bonus + 3% commission

    After signing up with the link above, you can check PRO3 on the User Account (Referral Program)-affiliate program page on the MOSDEX homepage.

    It is possible through PRO3 level customer inquiry in MOSDEX

    Make sure to use the link when signing up, and users who want to promote referrals can apply through PRO3 level customer inquiry.

    3. What are the benefits?

    Members will get a 30USDT bonus, and promoters will also benefit from the highest referral claim commission bonus offered by MOSDEX. There's no benefits if you sign up without a referral link.

    4. Profits only arise when customers lose?

    Mosdex has launched a customer profit-sharing model in which revenue is shared with customers who help generate revenue. Company states that regular arbitrators in the cryptocurrency markets can make better profits by serving cryptocurrency arbitrage trading platforms.

    Mosdex states that the new model will incentivize customers to help grow the platform because they can share in the revenue generated. Company hopes this will lead to more successful transactions with more customers using the platform.

    5. What is the MOSDEX referral revenue structure?

    As for the first revenue structure, 0.5% of the Staking Rebate of the staking investment is immediately paid to the referrer when the referee proceeds with the staking.

    As for the second revenue structure, each time the referee receives claim interest compensation through staking, the Claim Commission will be paid in real time to the referrer and the referee, each one 3% commission. (If the PRO rating goes up, the commission payment ratio also goes up)

    If stake on MOSDEX, members will receive an arbitrage reward of up to 0.5% per day (depending on market conditions), so this promotion is designed to continuously receive huge profits.

    MOSDEX Referral Revenue / The image above shows the MOSDEX referral revenue from top users.

    6. Then isn't it good for customers and referee?

    Yes, that's right. Customers can also receive claim commissions, and referree can also take Staking Rebate and Claim Commissions.

    7. Which channel promotes MOSDEX referral revenue?

    As expected, YouTube and blogs are the most effective, and various social media channels. It's also can advertised on various forums such as community or reddit.

    Click on "Sign up" to sign up for “PRO3” application account and apply for 30 USDT bonus + 3% commission

    Business Partner with MOSDEX

    -You can use the link here as a MOSDEX reference.

    About Mosdex

    Mosdex is a arbitrage staking platform that allows users to perform cryptocurrency exchanges with BTC (Bitcoin ) and Tether (USDT). This platform aims to introduce many new coins in the near future. "Mosdex aims to simplify the arbitrage process and provide similar opportunities for multiple people, institutions and exchanges," said Emmet Joseph, CEO of Mosdex.

    Mosdex individuals claim that the platform simplifies cryptocurrency exchange and management. Powered by blockchain and machine learning technology, Mosdex's users can track transactions with real-time analytics. It provides users with a secure and accessible platform. With the help of indigenous IT and financial experts, Mosdex users will not have to rely on external financial support from cryptocurrency exchanges. Needless to say, company regularly explores various high-liquid projects with high-yield prospects in arbitrage staking and updates them with the world.

    For more information on the "Invite Friends - Both Get Benefits" campaign and company visits,





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