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« on: September 30, 2022, 11:18:34 AM »
Hello, I present to you a newly launched website  GOODUSDT

It offers $6 upon registration and requires a $2 deposit to get vip0 to be able to withdraw!

✅You register from the link:

✅Press RECHARGE and copy the address.

✅Enter BINANCE or any other virtual wallet and send USDT TRC20.

✅Send 2 USDT TRC20 to the address copied from Goodusdt ($2.8 will be with fee)

✅After you deposit $2, you automatically become VIP0 and you can withdraw

✅Complete the task.

✅You will have $0.48 every day this practically with only $3 usdt trc 20 invested

‼ Withdraw instantly

‼ Minimum withdrawal is $0.5

‼ Site launched yesterday perfect to make a profit. Attention: Send the exact amount for the upgrade, if you send more it will remain in the account and you can no longer withdraw all of them on the same day

Registration link

PS.Hello, to deposit smaller amounts on this kind of sites, I used the OKX exchange, I sent from BINANCE 10 usdt trc 20, and 50 TRX trc20, you need TRX because at OKX the transaction fee is paid with TRX, fee let's compare to binance at the level of $0.25/transaction, you have TRX and in binance you exchange whatever coin you have in TRX.
Link to register OKX

Link to register BINANCE
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