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Author Topic: [ANN][XCI] Cannabis Industry Coin Anon Blockchain for the Legal Marijuana NEW!!!  (Read 1221 times)


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Cannabis Industry Coin [XCI]

Celebrating #CA #MA #NV #marijuana legalization! #Cannabis Industry Coin #Giveaway:
Tweet $XCI address with:
#XCICOIN #Cannabis Industry Coin $XCI.

Block 1 generated:

4:20 PM
Sunday, 16 October 2016 (GMT-7)
Time in San Francisco, CA, USA
Time in Los Angeles, CA, USA 

About XCI

XCI COIN is a privacy focused cryptocurrency for the legal Cannabis Industry. XCI uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority or banks; managing transactions and the issuing of XCI coins is carried out collectively by the network.

XCI COIN is open-source; its design is public, nobody owns or controls XCI and everyone can take part. It is smmilar to Bitcoin, but uses privacy protected technology called CryptoNote and CPU efficient mining proof of work called CryptoNight.


Because the legal Cannabis Industry is booming and blooming and needs its own modern and private way of payments and donations acceptance. It is a multibillion market expanding every day - $6,7 billion in sales in 2016 in US vs $5.4 billion in 2015 (1), Legal Marijuana Will Be a $30 Billion Industry by 2019 (2).
Because banks often say no to the legal Cannabis Industry (3).
Because Marijuana users and patients deserves privacy (4).
Because XCI is much more secure than any other way of traditional payments, if you have your private key only you have your coins (5).
Because XCI network is decentralized and cryptographically protected by an average PC user, like you, not banks or corporations (6).


XCI COIN is a Hi-Tech solution based on privacy-focused CryptoNote technology and Ring signatures. It is similar to Bitcoin, but with Bitcoin your payments history can be traced by anyone, with XCI all your information is private.


XCI uses CPU efficient ASIC resistant proof of work mining algorithm called CryptoNight to secure blockchain. Users receive block rewards for protecting XCI network with their CPU power. There will be 21 000 000 XCI mined in the next few decades.

XCI coin developers reserved 3% (premined) of XCI coins for successful developing XCI COIN project:*
1% for marketing and bounties
1% developers fund
1% for dispensaries giveaways (We will introduce XCI to dispensaries and giveaway coins to dispensaries for easy start payments and donations processing (Primarily West Coast states: California, Oregon and Washington dispensaries)

Who is behind XCI

A group of good people, Silicon Valley and LA geeks, dispensaries, growers, breeders and Human Rights activists.
Please, respect our privacy, we don't control XCI, but making everything for its success. We will contact all interested parties and dispensaries directly.

XCI specifications

Total coins: 21000000 XCI
3% reserved (premined) by developers*
Mining algo: CPU Proof of Work, CryptoNight
Block time: 2 min (x5 faster than Bitcoin)
Block reward formula: (total - generated)/221 ~ 9 XCI
Difficulty retarget: every block
True anonymity & data protection
Untraceable payments use ring signature
Unlinkable transactions
Blockchain analysis resistant


1 XCI = 1/8th to 1 oz of weed
25% of US dispenseries to accept XCI in 2019
Expanding NORML
Out of US adoption - Canada, Europe, Australia


Starting and running pool - 100 XCI after 1st month pool work, 100 XCI after 1 year of pool work.
Starting XCI payments acceptance by dispensary - up to 420 XCI.
Starting XCI payments acceptance by merchant - up to 100 XCI after first 10 purchase for XCI.


daemon - xcicoind
wallet-cli - simplewallet
GUI wallet - xciwallet

Start mining solo today as an early adopter:

Build from source code or download binaries
Launch ./simplewallet,
Use your address for mining in ./xcicoind daemon:
start_mining your_xci_address number_of_cpu_cores

Mining pools updated:

XCI blockchain explorer





Build from source code

Windows 64-bit binaries

Windows 64-bit 2.0.0-beta GUI build is ready, enjoy testing!


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I agree that this field is getting pretty popular, and it's a good idea to develop it. I believe that there's lack of reliable stores with high-quality cannabis, but not so long ago, I managed to discover hometownhero, and now I order d8 flower pretty often. If you're interested, you can check it out as well, you won't be disappointed.


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