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Author Topic: How to make over $1000 monthly just for using PunkPanda messaging app  (Read 458 times)


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How to make over $1000 monthly just for using PunkPanda messaging app

I think each of us uses different messaging apps like Messenger, Whatapp, Viber, etc. We use these applications to be able to communicate with friends and relatives, to send them different audio video files or pictures and we are happy because we use them completely free of charge. But what if I told you that it is an application that does exactly the same as other applications like Messenger, only it pays you for using it. This application is called PunkPanda here I will leave you a link where you can download it – after you have installed the application you will have to enter this invitation code 23792575 and you will have full access to the application. This app gives you PPM coins every half hour for using it and for recommending it to your friends. I've had this app installed for over half a year and have managed to make over 10700 PPM coins so far which is currently worth around $10000. The cost of one PPM coin is 0.96$, now the coin is dropping a bit in price because it started paying its users and a lot of people started withdrawing the coins which led to the price drop but don't worry because in no time the coin will increase greatly in price when it is much more popular. I want to tell you that this app is reliable and upcoming, those who want to make a stable monthly income can do it without any problem. I currently make more than $35 a day and I can honestly say that I didn't invest a single dollar except for a little time for a video I posted on TikTok. Let me show you how you can make at least $50 a day with this app without investing a single dollar.


First you need to install the PunkPanda app which you can find on this link , after downloading the app you will need to install it then register in the app when it will ask you for an invite code you can use mine 23792575. After you have registered you will see that it is a simple messenger app similar to Messenger, Whatapp, etc. The more you use the app the more coins you will receive, if you go into Wallet you will see your balance and below you will see that every half hour you will receive a certain number of PPM coins. So all you have to do is use the app as long as possible, e.g. you can talk to friends or open it and stay open.


If you want to make more money with this app you can invite friends, relatives, acquaintances or even create a short video where you talk about this app or just show the advantages it has and post it on all social networks like Facebook, Tiktok, Youtube, etc. When you invite a friend or anyone and want them to be on your team you will need to give them your unique invite code which you can find if you enter from the web via this link log in with the data from the registration you made on your phone. You will see in the upper right corner this text: Your invite code: 23792575 , I'm sure it will be a different code than mine, here is that code you need to send it to people who register in the app. This application pays us for each friend invited by our code and the most interesting thing is that it pays us up to level 12, that is, if the friend you invited also invites someone else, you will receive a small commission and so on until in level 12.


It is very simple to withdraw these coins for real money. Here's how it's done... First you'll need an account on Metamask then after that you'll need to link your Metamask account with your PunkPanda account (I'll show you the whole process in a video) after that withdraw your staking coins to your valid wallet balance here you can withdraw anytime you want on Metamask.


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