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Author Topic: [Sell] GEMSCODE - Is A State Of The Art Trading Indicator  (Read 900 times)


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[Sell] GEMSCODE - Is A State Of The Art Trading Indicator
« on: September 06, 2022, 04:48:37 PM »




I'm constantly searching for fresh forex trading indicators that will assist me refine my trading methods. Finding an indication that is worthwhile integrating into your day trading strategy might be challenging given the abundance of free and paid forex indicators accessible. You occasionally come across an indicator like the unique GEMSCODE that stands out from the crowd. For all of the key assets that you prefer to trade, this highly effective trading indicator can give you clear buy and sell signals.


GEMSCODE is a premium trading indicator for the excellent TradingView charting platform. You simply load it onto your charts and it will find trading signals for you. Once the unique algorithm built-in the indicator finds a possible trade opportunity, you can then decide if you would like to take the position or confirm it with your own market analysis. This makes the GEMSCODE very easy to use, regardless of your prior experience level.

The GEMSCODE indicator can be used on any instrument and chart timeframe, therefore it is suitable for all types of trader. It does not matter if you want to scalp the lower chart timeframes for a few pips, or hold positions for the long term. This TradingView indicator is extremely versatile and can be used standalone or combined with your other favourite indicators. You can trade forex, cryptos, stocks, commodities and more.
What I like about the GEMSCODE indicator is that it can do a good job of spotting emerging trends which means you could get in to a big move at an early entry point. Of course, not all signals will catch big moves but you can use a signal in the opposite direction as a possible exit point to exit at the earliest opportunity. Otherwise, if there is no early exit signal, moves can continue for hours, days and even weeks.

I personally prefer to trade manually on the higher chart timeframes as I find that this can help to filter out some of the noise from lower timeframes. I donít want to be getting whipsawed in and out of the markets, but GEMSCODE does have built-in filters to try and avoid ranging market conditions which I think it does quite well.

Another great feature of the indicator is that it can send you alerts when it finds a valid entry or exit signal. This can save you lots of time as it means you do not need to spent countless hours scanning the charts and waiting for opportunities.




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