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Author Topic: BONUS WESTERN UNION WU+ 50 EURO from REGISTER and 25 euro from REFERAL  (Read 196 times)


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Western Union Plus Bonus 🎁 50 euros upon registration 🎁 25 euros for each valid referral 🎁 👀 How to get this 50 euro bonus ⬇️ 1. Download the app from the Play Store/Apple Store 2. Verify your identity ‼️IF YOU HAVE A PASSPORT IT'S INSTANT, WITHOUT CALL ‼️ (here identity verification is done via video call, it's very simple, it asks you to show the bulletin and asks for your name and how old you are, etc.). (they have many problems, they said they would solve them, but they didn't keep their word, but give it a try, some are still being reviewed.. still today some people did and succeeded). 3. The bonus is instant as soon as you make a deposit of 15 euros 😍 If you don't have to make the deposit, write me privately 4. After depositing, go to the menu of rewards and at the bottom you must add the promotion code   VPaZ0198NrJZprO

Western Union Money Transfer (

WU+ the multi-currency digital banking app| western union
Store multiple currencies in your WU+ app. Send and receive international money transfers, directly to and from WU+. Get priority access to the WU+ mobile banking app.

THIS IS MY REF CODE PT WU+ Hi! Join WU+ now using my referral code, VPaZ0198NrJZprO to get   25 EURO

VPaZ0198NrJZprO you write this code at NAGRADY scroll down where it says recommendations where it says redeem a reward" VPaZ0198NrJZprO

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