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Author Topic: Ready4Raid - FPS Game PlayToEarn Pre-Sale!  (Read 65 times)


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Ready4Raid - FPS Game PlayToEarn Pre-Sale!
« on: August 30, 2022, 07:50:49 AM »
Ready 4 Raid

Ready4Raid - FPS Game PlayToEarn Pre-Sale!

Combining the popularity of the FPS Gaming industry and the emerging blockchain world, we have released a brand new FPS game with unique concept formation. We created the Ready 4 Raid FPS game with the dominant-defense principle with online matches and the Purge Movie scenario that we were inspired by quality. Meet the Ready 4 Raid project, which is playable with Web - Mobile and Desktop devices. Forget all the FPS games you know! Enjoy the competition and win.

Our Vision:

Metaverse or play2earn projects created using blockchain technologies are rarely seen in the FPS Gaming industry. FPS games, which are the most preferred game concept of today, with blockchain technology.

By using it together, we can set our vision to be one of the leading game projects.

Our Mission:

In this process leading to our vision, we can see it as our mission to make the best use of the advantages offered by our technology partners by adopting a quality and correct working strategy.

Thank you for the benefits offered by our many technologies service partners such as Unity, Blender, Solidity, ICOTech and Adobe. Using high-definition graphics, the best optimization and smooth action experience

We are very meticulous in presenting. Do not forget to follow our social media accounts to access the contents of our R4R game project, our media posts and us.

Ready 4 Raid Game:

Our R4R Gaming project is an online matchmaking team game based on raiding and defending. Online matches are started by establishing teams of 4 people. In total, 8 players make a mutual (4v4) match.

One of the teams forms the Raid Team, the other team forms the defensive team and the game begins. In the game, teams can use the in-game voice chat feature or the text chat feature.





Pre-Sale Support:

Game Play Video:


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