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Author Topic: Investors in GameFi are now more interested on enjoyment than profit: Survey  (Read 139 times)


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  • While about half of the investors first entered the GameFi market with the intention of making money, 89% of GameFi investors lost money due to Crypto Winter 2022.

    GameFi, which combines gaming with decentralised finance (DeFi), attracts a certain kind of investor who favours choosing projects based on their utility rather than their potential for profit.

    The GameFi ecosystem is appealing to investors and gamers in Generation Z. As a result, it acts as a jumping off place for many of new investors. In a ChainPlay survey with 2428 GameFi investors, 75% of respondents said that GameFi sparked their initial interest in cryptocurrencies. 89% of GameFi investors lost money as a result of Crypto Winter 2022, with 62% of them losing more than 50% of their initial investment. About half of the investors initially entered the GameFi market with the purpose of generating money.

    Investors, however, believe that their losses were primarily due to the poor in-game economy design. Globally, investors used GameFi for an average of 2.5 hours per day in 2022, a 43% decline from 4.4 hours the year before, according to the poll.

    Lack of funding for new GameFi initiatives is mostly a result of worries about Ponzi schemes and rug pulls in addition to subpar aesthetics. As a result, 44% of investors think that traditional gaming businesses' participation could be crucial to GameFi's development. Additionally, 81% of GameFi investors are abandoning the conventional thinking when it comes to future projects and preferring fun over profit in order to find satisfying in-game experiences.

    According to a DappRadar analysis, the ecosystems for blockchain gaming and the Metaverse were unaffected by the Terra (LUNA) fiasco the least.

    Additionally, there has been a consistent institutional investment in both blockchain gaming and the Metaverse, showing that many leading corporations believe that both industries have the potential for rapid future expansion.

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