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Author Topic: Bitcoin-inspired cryptocurrencies don't truly succeed, acc to experts.  (Read 226 times)


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  • According to Pierre Rochard, Bitcoin is the best digital currency network and every other one is worse.

    At the Surfin' Bitcoin 2022 conference in France, Joseph Hall spoke with Bitcoin (BTC) proponents Pierre Rochard and Morgen Rochard, the hosts of the Bitcoin for Advisors podcast. The panel discussed ways to increase mining activity in France, the role Bitcoin plays in financial planning, and the distinctions between Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

    There are two possibilities, in the opinion of Pierre Rochard, who also works for the mining company Riot Blockchain, for France to draw substantial Bitcoin miners. The first is to offer guarantees regarding the laws governing bitcoin mining. In addition, the nation needs to establish a power grid that benefits miners.

    I believe that France should reinvest in its nuclear power and truly they should be able to attract Bitcoin miners more readily. We're seeing Japan is now opening up or modifying policies on nuclear power, he stated.

    The group also discussed financial planning in addition to mining. The topic of how Bitcoin fits into financial planning was explored by Morgen Rochard, a licenced financial planner. She mentioned that discussing inflation and comprehending money is a common topic of conversation in financial planning. The majority of my work is telling them, "Hey, that money you have there, stop hoarding all that money," she said. Because it's a melting ice cube, as Saylor described it, we need to move it into an investment right away.

    Additionally, according to Morgen, some consumers are eager to invest a percentage of their capital in Bitcoin since they grasp it quickly. The entire state of financial planning, she continued, "actually helps individuals think about it."

    When questioned about other cryptocurrencies, the couple donned their Bitcoin maximalist hats and outlined the ways in which BTC differs from other coins like Dogecoin (DOGE) and Ether (ETH).

    Pierre added his two cents and described how the Bitcoin protocol is built to reduce ambiguity. The mining executive emphasized that this arrangement will be affected by any changes to Bitcoin's settings. Everything else is worse, and Bitcoin is the best-engineered digital currency network, he claimed.

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