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Author Topic: I am looking for a server with a 5-20 Gb channel  (Read 66 times)


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I am looking for a server with a 5-20 Gb channel
« on: August 25, 2022, 08:59:34 AM »
My provider, unfortunately, does not provide more than 1 Gbps :( And the need is long overdue

The following characteristics are required:
Location: Western Europe or North America
Processor: High-performance, from 16 cores at 5 Gbit channel, more channel - more productive processor
Memory: 0.5-1 TB
Channel: 5-20 Gbps (unlimited or with payment within $ 100 for every 100 TB, traffic is 80-90% incoming, channel utilization is not constant, rather the opposite)
Disks: any 2 pieces for software RAID 0
Payment method: BTC

Here is already picked up a variant for the future:

But if you suggest a more reliable configuration, I'm ready to pay more for a month.


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