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Author Topic: Antminer T19 not working  (Read 46 times)


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Antminer T19 not working
« on: August 24, 2022, 08:14:35 AM »
Antminer T19 Hash Board Repair Guide
1. Working structure of T19 hash board:
The hash board is composed of 76 BM1398 chips, which are divided into 38 groups, and each group is composed of 2 ICs; the working voltage of the BM1398 chip used in the T19 hash board is 0.36-0.38V and the reciprocal 32-38 groups are powered by 19V to the DCDC, and VDD13.64V of the 38th domain provides an output of 1.8 V from the DCDC of the 31st domain to provide 1.8V to the LDO. So the voltage of each domain is reduced by 0.36V each time it goes back, and the 1.8V of this domain provides all 0.8V through the LDO output.

2. T19 hash board boost circuit:
The boost is powered by a power supply, from 14V to 19V.

3. T19 chip signal direction:
1) The CLK (XIN) signal flow is generated by the Y1 25M crystal oscillator and transmitted from chip No. 01 to chip No. 76; during operation, the voltage is 1.8V (oscilloscope), and the multimeter measures about 0.7-1.2V;
2) The TX (CI, CO) signal flows from the IO port 7 pin (3.3V) into the level conversion IC U2 and then from chip No.01 to No.76 transmission; when the IO line is not inserted, the voltage is 0V, and during operation, the voltage is 1.8V (oscilloscope)
3) RX (RI, RO) signal flow, from chip No.76 to chip No.01, through U1 back to the 8th pin of the signal cable terminal and back to the control board; when the IO signal is not inserted, the voltage is 0.3V, and the voltage during operation is 1.8V (measured by a multimeter);
4) BO (BI, BO) signal flow, from chip No.01 to No.76; the multimeter measures 0V;
5) The flow of the RST signal is input from IO port 3, and then transmitted from chip No.01 to chip No.76; if no IO signal is inserted, it is 0V during standby and 1.8V during operation (multimeter test volume);

4. The whole miner structure:
The whole miner is mainly composed of 3 hash boards, 1 control board, an APW12 power supply, and 4 cooling fans.

For common faults and solutions, please check: Common bad phenomena of the hash board and troubleshooting steps


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