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Author Topic: Antminer S19 Hashboard Chip List  (Read 646 times)


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Antminer S19 Hashboard Chip List
« on: August 05, 2022, 08:56:12 AM »
Antminer S19 hash board commonly used chips include ASIC chip, temperature sensor chip, memory chip, controller chip, converter chip, etc. What are their position marks and silkscreens on the hash board? What role does it play in it? Lets find out together through this post!
ASIC chip: BM1398 ASIC chip
Below this one-piece refit heat sink is the ASIC chip of the S19 hash board. A single S19 computing board is equipped with 76 BM1398BB ASIC chips, which are mainly responsible for the computing power of the entire miner.

Conversion chip: U2E
Position markers: U1, U2
The SN74AUP1T34DCKR U2E chip is a voltage level translator in SC70-5 package technology.

Microcontroller chip: PIC16F1704
Location marker: U3
The PIC16F1704 is an 8-bit microcontroller processor designed primarily for checking PIC circuits. For example, when the PIC pin voltage does not reach the standard value, you can reprogram the PIC by checking whether the connection between the test fixture cable and the hash board is normal. The chip operating temperature range is -40C to 85C.

Location Marker: U5
The AT24C02 provides a 2,048-bit serial electrically erasable programmable read-only memory. Available in an 8-pin TSSOP package, the operating voltage is between 1.7V and 3.6V. In addition, the chip has a built-in bidirectional data transmission protocol, which can store data for a long time.

MOS chip: TPHR9003NL
Position markers: Q2, Q3, Q6, Q7
The MOS chip TPHR9003NL is mainly used to detect the voltage output of the voltage domain. By measuring the output of the power supply terminal of the hash board, it can be judged whether the MOS is short-circuited (measure the resistance between pins 1, 4, and 8). If there is a 14V power supply, there will generally be a domain voltage output. Under normal circumstances, the voltage is unstable, and the lightning surge will damage the MOS.

Boost chip: MP1517DR
Location marker: U9
The MP1517DR chip is a boost converter chip in a tiny 4mm*4mm 16-pin QFN package technology. The MP1517DR regulates the output voltage to 25V with up to 95% efficiency. The die temperature operating range is 40C to +85C. Its current mode regulation and external compensation components allow the MP1517DR control loop to be optimized over a wide range of input, output and load current conditions.

Boost converter chip: SY7208
Location marker: U10
The SY7208 is a high efficiency, integrated MOSFET current mode and fixed frequency boost converter in a compact SOT23-6 package. The chip voltage input range is between 3V to 25V and the operating temperature range is -40C to 85C. In addition, the chip has built-in under-voltage lockout protection, over-temperature protection, internal soft-start, etc.

Temperature sensor chip: LM75A
Position markers: U4, U6, U7, U8
The four temperature sensing chips of the S19 hash board are all located on the back of the hash board to sense the temperature of the hash board. It is a high-speed 12C interface temperature sensor with a temperature operating range of -55C to +125C, an accuracy of 0.125C, and an operating voltage between 2.8V and 5.5V. In addition, the LM75A has 3 selectable logical address pins, allowing up to 8 devices to be connected simultaneously.

Voltage regulator chip: MP2019
Location marker: U146
The MP2019 is a 40V 300mA, low quiescent current adjustable output linear regulator in an SOP8 package with a 3V to 40V input voltage range and -40C to +125C operating temperature. The output is accurate to 2% over the entire range, and features thermal shutdown and short-circuit protection.

Voltage regulator chip: SGM2036-ADJ
Location marker: U103
The SGM2036-ADJ is a low power, low dropout, CMOS linear regulator in a SOT-23-5 package that provides up to 300mA of output current with an input voltage between 1.6V and 5.5V, which is a low voltage Perfect for high voltage, low power applications that extend battery life.

Voltage regulator chip: SP7KC
Location Marker: U102

Antminer S19 hash board chip summary:


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