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What are Your ideas about next BTC steps ?

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Next week will likely be very volatile. FOMC on Wednesday and big tech earnings throughout the entire week.

I don't have any special expectations on what to think of FOMC/Earnings or whatever. I think we should stick to the charts as those usually know what we're up to anyways.

BTC Still looking incredibly good to me right here. Bull flag consolidation, holding the 4H 200EMA. Just got to break above that 23K level once and for all soon.

If we do break out and start moving for the next leg higher then I expect the ascend to 26-28K to be quite fast.

Will depend on where equities head next as those are seeing some resistance around these levels.

Invalidation of the bullish BTC scenario for me would be us closing the 4H below ~22K. Then I'd expect a retest of ~$20.9K where the golden pocket and 4H 200MA is located.

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Seeing a few scenarios so far we have the week open dump- with a new month so we are gonna go higher/

If we continue dumping this week aggressively I might look for a long into that H4 early on. Right now just waiting for Mondays range to print to get a feel for the week.


And for the gameplan early on its fairly simple.

Look for one more dip then ill look for intraday longs and the shorts at the H4- Lesson 8 sweep


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