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Author Topic: Mexican Senate Proposes Bill to Make Bitcoin a Legal Tender  (Read 343 times)


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In the midst of the crypto crash, Bitcoin is yet becoming a run-to asset when it comes to improving the global financial system, in a bid to improve Mexico’s financial system, a bill has been proposed in the Mexican Senate to legalize Bitcoin.

A senator of the Mexican Congress, Indira Kempis has proposed a bill that if passed, Mexico will join Bitcoin race leader El-Salvador in making Bitcoin a legal tender.

This bill is proposed to amend and improve the current monetary law in Mexico by recognizing Bitcoin as a legal tender.

Kempis Proposed the bill due to Mexico being one of the countries in its region with less financial inclusion and education. According to the bill, 56% of Mexicans do not yet have access to a bank account. This literally means about 67 million of the Mexican population do not have access to most basic financial instruments. 68% of Mexicans lack access to financial education, which resultantly makes most of the country’s citizens take decisions regarding mortgages, savings, and or how to deal with credits.

“It is necessary to carry out actions [adopt Bitcoin] so that the use of technology can promote and guarantee financial inclusion,” said Senator Kempis.

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