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Author Topic: Introducing the New ‘Crazy Ape Goongye Club’ NFT Collection  (Read 30 times)


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Based on the Klaytn Blockchain, the Crazy Ape Goongye project is a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs. Each NFT possesses its own distinct and special set of characteristics. Only 10,000 Crazy Ape will ever be produced, with an additional 200 being reserved for marketing and administration uses.

Story Behind the NFT Collection

The NFT collection is based on a man called ‘GOONGYE’. Goongye was known for his cruelty. He triumphed in the battle against a number of enemies by employing lethal force and making objective decisions. As he expanded his knowledge in order to better comprehend the world and increase his own power, he eventually came across the banned book known as the Necronomicon.

The Goongye had an appetite for knowledge and continued to study the book for several weeks, right up until the point when he could no longer be considered a man. He evolved into the higher being known as the Ape Goongye, who prioritizes rational thought and impartial observation above all else.

The Ape Goongye became less of a tyrant after reading the Necronomicon and more of a peacekeeper. In spite of the fact that he desired to ensure the power of his nation, he stated that he has no desire to see the nations destroyed or to cause harm to innocent civilians.

Because some of the Goongye's allies preferred the ruthless tyrant, they had trouble cooperating with the changed Ape Goongye. After witnessing the uprising among his own friends, he decided to exit the country.

Since then, he has made it his mission to preach people all over the world on the value of promoting equality and peace.

What’s $MAGUNI? And How Does Staking Work?

The wacky token that drives the Crazy Ape Goongye ecosystem is known as $MAGUNI. All owners of an Ape Goongye have the ability to participate in daily staking and obtain 2,000 $MAGUNI tokens.

You can only obtain a King Goongye by first evolving your Crazy Goongye and paying 1,000 KLAY tokens for the privilege. When you become the owner of a King Goongye, you have the ability to stake it and will be awarded 1,000 $MAGUNI tokens per day. Only 2,000 tokens will be produced in honor of King Goongye.

When you mint a King Goongye, your original Crazy Goongye will be destroyed, which will result in a decrease in the overall availability of Crazy Ape Goongye.

There are upcoming additions that will make the Rec Room more useful, such as miniature games like "Maguni." You will be eligible to get rewards if you take part in these various games.

$MAGUNI has been developed and is specifically meant for use in the Crazy Ape Goongye as a means of purchasing products or services that are sold there. Tokens are not designed to make a profit, they are not investments, and therefore do not have any monetary worth.

The details regarding the pre-sale and public sale will be shared through their discord channel. So, quickly follow them. We bet you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity.

To know more about this crazy project, follow their socials and keep checking their website for new changes:






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