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Author Topic: 5 ways to earn money in Metaverse 2022 | GXG Token Explained  (Read 85 times)


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Our current era is already connected to too much information, technology, finance, entertainment, and everything about people and things. There is not yet a better way for these five things to be integrated now, but through the Metaverse, we can integrate these things together and create new wealth in this new era of the world. So the following are the five main sectors that I suggest to you to enter the Metaverse in 2022.

1) Game

In the field of games, the largest game platform is Steam which creates at least more than 600 million US dollars in sales every year. If we can make 1% of the $600 million in sales today, is it possible in traditional games? The odds are pretty slim. If we want to transfer $600,000 in the GameFi world today is not easy. But through Metaverse, it is very simple and everyone has the opportunity to do it. To put it simply, as a player today, I may find this rare equipment, weapons, materials, etc. in the game and put these rare equipment items in the marketplace for trading. If there is a buyer or player in need, he can find the equipment, weapons, materials, etc. he wants through the marketplace, and use digital currency to purchase from the seller.
GXG Metaverse gaming platform is keen to provide all games of most genres; from multiplayer games to single players games and live games. Emphasizing more casino types of games, transactions among players or to/from customers are essential; making GXG one of the leading platforms in the Metaverse.

2) Play to Earn

The entire transaction process is blockchain technology. After blockchain is played at home, a new mode can be generated, which is called Play to Earn, which allows players to truly earn money while playing games. So in this case, is the game platform earning dollar money? Not necessarily, for instance, taking Axie Infinity as an example; if every player trades NFTs or pets in the marketplace, it can get 4.25% of the procedures for each transaction fee. Try to imagine if there are more than 100 million or more transactions every day, how much would the 4.25% you earn from being a gaming platform be?
Being optimistic about games in 2022, because the addition of blockchain will allow players to conduct free transactions with players and make money. The game platform can earn a certain percentage of handling fees through transactions between players and players. So I believe that in the future it will become one of our jobs.
For instance, GXG Metaverse games allow users or players to ‘farm’ through mining GXG tokens while playing the games, and tokens mined are used to stake for more rewards.

3) NFT (Non-fungible token)

Everything in the game is inseparable from design, creation, characters, IP, plot, etc.; they all need to be creative. Then if these things are created today, they are not considered technological or have a certain degree of authority, and this industrial credibility can prove that they are the original creators, then almost every asset or every work we have created is abused. So I believe that after we choose the right thinking for the next path of Game-Fi, then NFT is a very key role because the Game-Fi we created is also called a decentralized game.
To put it simply, each of us is the creator of this game. In this regard, at least in the traditional game world, there is absolutely no way to achieve it. Then in this era of the Metaverse, these creators can turn the people and things they created into an NFT, that is, a non-fungible token, through the blockchain. If you draw a horse today, after you wind it up, it will have its own unique serial number, which is also its own unique ID card. Then if another person draws a horse that is very similar to yours, but the horse still has its own number after he is on the chain.
This theory of GXG NFT horse breeding is still under development but will come to reality soon where players not only can design their own horses but can send them to competition and other activities to enhance their value. Therefore, there will be a big difference between the artworks you draw by yourself. And I see the second biggest focus on NFT, where it can completely solve the behavior of fraud. The current surface form of NFT is still very early, so everyone must be very cautious if they want to invest.

4) DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization)

So in this decentralized organization, how do we get a share of the pie? The most important thing in this whole concept is actually a decentralized governance structure to generate a new information pool between people. As a simple example, the key to the next form of DAO is short video bloggers, because short video bloggers have a very fast content output capability and are very popular, and they also need KOL expertise.

5) Key Opinion Leader (KOL)

We all know that in the future, professional and communication skills are very potential, and at the same time, it is also very important because our desire for information and information is very large. So if we don’t meet professional KOLs who can share with us their expertise in this field or this product, we will be very unfamiliar with this field or this product. Then we will talk about the concept of Web 3.0 here. At this time, Web 3.0 is also a very popular term in the currency circle and even in the field of technology. After we enter Web 3.0, we need to rely on the power of the masses, that is, the power of the community.

Therefore, as a short video KOL, the most important task is to output, communicate, and share correct information, professional knowledge, and written vernacular to more groups. Therefore, the DAO management mechanism is very necessary in the Metaverse, so that the community, fans, retail investors, and short video bloggers can exchange information in the Metaverse, so as to generate new value and a wave of wealth.

GXG Metaverse gaming platform is growing at optimistic features by implementing all the above five sectors through its project developments.


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