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Author Topic: - Betting Exchange | Real World Events | Futures Contracts | P2P  (Read 732 times)


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BetMoose is the world's first "all-in-one" betting exchange and prediction market. It is social, feature-rich, flexible and distributed.
We do all kinds of bets, including what some call 'Proposition Betting', or 'Wagering'.
We don't like to be immediately associated with gambling though - BetMoose can also be used as a crowd-pooled futures contract exchange between multiple parties.

Changing the Game
BetMoose allows anyone to place or create bets about anything. If you are a sports fan, you can bet with others on your favourite team, sport, playoff season ranking, etc. If you don't find the bet, you can make it yourself. If you're an alt-coin developer, why not create a contract about key deliverable dates and invite doubters/trolls to bet against you. If you deliver, they lose their shirt.

Hosts Earn Commissions
As a host (creator) of a bet, you get a commission from the bet payout. Commissions earned are 0.5% to 1% and are based on your reputation.

2-tiered resolution system
In order for hosts to make their commission, they need to resolve their bets. Site moderators are not allowed (and cannot) touch any bets that the host hasn't resolved yet. However, if a host does not resolve, or resolves incorrectly, moderators are allowed to step in. This ensures BetMoose creates an incentivized P2P system for resolving human-involved, 'real world' events and outcomes. It also prevents the '1 point of failure' trust issue seen in other oracle setups.

Secure, Reliable Platform
All bet deposits are held in cold storage. A proof-of-reserves automated checker/tool is coming soon. No unexpected downtime experienced yet in our operations since April 2014. We're running blazing-fast on Cloudflare's CDN with DDoS protection.

Truly Anonymous
Staying true to bitcoin, anonymous betting deposits from any bitcoin address are permitted, or you can sign up (free, only email required) to get added benefits. We also offer privacy-settings for our registered users who want the benefit of remaining anonymous while taking advantage of the benefits of having an account.

Join our Community
Once you sign up, you'll find yourself thrown into the middle of our growing community of friendly oracles who are constantly competing for the top spot of our Hall of Fame as well as making creative bets on random things that are crazy enough to be interesting.

No Nonsense
No fees on anything unless you win some positive amount. If you bet late, BetMoose auto-refunds it back to your specified address. We even pay the miner fee for your user balance withdrawals and anonymous payouts. Bets are also auto-cancelled and refunded in full if they go unmatched. In other words, it's free to enter into bets/predictions on things alone if you feel strongly about them! Bets with volume are much likely to attract additional attention.

Revenue Share Program for Referrals
We have a powerful referral program that gives you 20% of what we make from each user. You can refer users by simply adding your code behind any link, and track how everyone you invited is doing in generating you revenues.

Active Support and Development
Have a question or suggestion? We'd love to hear it. We have a friendly, open and forward-thinking team here in Canada so please reach out to us. Post in the thread here or in our support thread:

Good luck with your predictions!


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BetMoose has officially passed 1000 BTC in total wagered volume by our users. Check us out if you haven't already to see some neat propositions being run by our friendly users!


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