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Author Topic: Play to earn crypto games: GXG Metaverse Gaming Platform  (Read 11 times)


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Play to earn crypto games: GXG Metaverse Gaming Platform
« on: May 05, 2022, 12:00:51 PM »
Gaming has always been one of the basic human needs. With the rapid development of productivity, it is not difficult for us to find that there is more and more time for leisure and entertainment, and many people rely on games to live a good life. As far as I know, under the influence of political pressure, many mining farms in the currency circle have died this year, but on the other hand, many mining farms have become game studios and live more freely than before. As long as the hardware and software are properly tuned, a gaming project can last and money is easy to get. 

GXG Metaverse Gaming Platform

Today I want to introduce a new Metaverse gaming platform called GXG. GXG recently launched its Metaverse gaming platform, which is entirely based on the concept of Metaverse as the future gaming industry. In the Metaverse, a virtual reality entertainment world where people can play and interact with games. This is a new chapter in the gaming industry, very innovative, creative and speculative.  

On the GXG Metaverse gaming platform, players can independently develop games on the blockchain. GameFi (Gaming Finance) is created using NFT characters and hosts competitions. 

Native currency of GXG Platform (GXG Token)

GXG tokens are the underlying crypto stock type on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) BEP-20. GXG creates tokens as rewards for players. Token holders can earn rewards from mining pools. Proven smart contracts built on the BSC blockchain ensure transparency in all economic processes. GXG is building their platform as a high quality economic model, so the GXG token is very trustworthy and the GXG team will give full attention to everything related to their token. On the other hand, the GXG token is a form of cryptocurrency sharing that supports the GXG Metaverse gaming platform that powers the GXG gaming platform. 

Why should you invest in GXG platform?

The total planned investment is about 5 million euros and will include various types of metaverse games and related services. Metaverse GXG games will be provided by well-known game providers such as Evolution, Lucky Streak, Asia Gaming, HoGaming and will serve over 20 providers as well as 40 types of cryptocurrency payment methods. The platform is fully operational and approved by international regulators. 

The GXG Token is a form of reward for GXG players in the ecosystem. It is based on the BSC blockchain and backed by proven smart contracts. On the other hand, the pre-sale activity of the GXG token is currently available on the GXG DeFi I-gaming gaming platform and brings a minimum bonus of 5% during the pre-sale period. 

How to earn money with the GXG token?

Under the GXG token economic model, investors who hold GXG tokens or participate in dedicated LP tokens will receive rewards for the GXG token every day. 

The reward is issued directly from the mining pool to the investor's platform account. This process is called mining. According to the smart contract, 65% of GXG Gaming's net daily income will buy GXG Token on the current market and automatically enter it into the mining pool. When investors are rewarded for mining GXG, investors can choose to sell GXG tokens on the market for immediate profits or continue to participate in the promises for higher forward profits. 

Players of the GXG platform will become real investors by playing on GXG. The process of mining in GXG is when players collect GXG tokens while playing games on the GXG Metaverse gaming platform. It will be very easy to mine your tokens on the GXG Metaverse platform. 

Tokens are drawn by the player in a ratio of 65/35. Thus, for each token drawn by a player, only 0.35 is returned to the GXG team. The command cannot be withdrawn from the smart contract until all tokens have been extracted. This is the main reward system for mining GXG tokens. The platform will provide both mining of GXG tokens and staking. Therefore, you can be a cryptocurrency miner or stakeholder, as well as an investor in the GXG Metaverse gaming platform.  

Future of GXG

The GXG Metaverse gaming platform will launch on January 25, 2022 with a reward model, and mining of public tokens will begin. On June 15, 2022, GXG mobile applications for IOS and Android versions will be launched soon. GXG tokens will also be listed on centralized exchanges on the same day. As such, the GXG token will be one of the most innovative tokens to hold or invest in in 2022 and beyond.

The GXG platform is that they are very open and have complete transparency. Essentially, it is important for investors to choose to hold GXG assets for a long time. 

What's great about GXG is that it won't just be games with a Metaverse. They really envision an industry where not only users can have an engaging experience, but also their partners by providing a Metaverse space with a better experience.


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