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Author Topic: The Multiply btc in autobet video's??  (Read 412 times)


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The Multiply btc in autobet video's??
« on: December 11, 2016, 05:26:17 PM »
First off if this is in the wrong place pls move .. was not sure where to post
On to the post!

can anyone share some light on this I see all these vids on make mad btc with auto bet on freebitcion . in ... look legit  seems cool .. lil greasy but eh its pennies were talkin here .. so why not try it ... so I did

has anyone done this and won .. like  won big  .. I tried and win for a few rolls then  have a massive string of losses that ruins it .. I assume this is the sites way of stopping this  like I started with 290 ... made it all the way to 17450 and then with in 12 rolls of all loss ... its gone ..  and wasted... I just want some internet monies lolol...

is this a scam  .. a goof  .. a  joke .. or am  I missing some crucial part of the potion can  this work .. am  I  chasing rainbows...

pls  .. help me  bitcoin masters!  .. you have won where I am  failing .. take my hand  guide me to the internet monies !

and i'll give you a crisp ..the crispiest of highfive's! ..

your broke and wondering friend  ..

any and all  tips and donations very welcome and all help extremely appreciated - can be  sent to 
1BpQDoPoTUby7FeMhbvaDxzGZXkoVpzw7z  or 1NuRajPhDr2mSjmUegaLtkmLa956BPCYST


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