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Author Topic: [ANN] - The Casino is yours - Casino & NFT Shareholders  (Read 62 times)


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PlataOCrypto is a brand new concept, mixing NFTs , Crypto Casino, Role-Play and social gambling.

Our project aims to modernize the way that players and investors see the crypto gambling scene.
For that, we decided to propose to our community multiple ways to play, invest and diversify their income.

Crash Game :

Our game is based on a well-known & established website :
We wanted to modernize this famous game by adding new features, a clean look and better graphics.
We also wanted to bring back the old version of bustabit, and we used the source code of his first version.

Bankroll & Investment :

We decided to open our bankroll to investors, and give them the opportunity of becoming co-owners of our project and earn daily dividends.

Players on the other hand can play our game while benefiting from one of the lowest house edge on the market.

“Others crash game already give this opportunity to investors”

True, but there is an important difference…

PlataOCrypto investment system :

We decided to open our bankroll to co-owners in a special way.
Instead of opening our Bankroll to investors, we would like to have co-owners.
Here is how it works in three simple steps :

1 -  Purchase NFT Casino Shares and start earning from the co-owner pool ! (1% on every bets, wins or losses goes directly into the co-owners pool)
2 - Sell one or multiple shares on OpenSea OR hold them to keep earning daily commissions from our casino.
3 - Join us on Discord to discuss with the other co-owners in our private channels.

Our shares are capped to 10 000 NFTs, and we started our pre-sale by selling 500 shares.
For each NFT that you acquire, you will earn a % of ownership in our casino and earn daily dividends based on the daily wagered volume and not on the casino profit !

Roadmap & What we achieve so far :

We are very active on our Discord, and we plan on organizing weekly events for our community !
Our roadmap is up-to-date and on our website.
We managed to get invited to the AIBC Summit in Dubai a few weeks ago to introduce our projects to VCs, Investors and influencers.
Discussions are still in progress at the moment, and the next days will be decisives regarding our imminent launch in 14 days !
On the other hand, we plan on going public with our team, it will happen before our official launch !

Our project is not only about having a successful crash-game, it goes way beyond that, and our roadmap explains everything.
For potential future co-owners, we also have several documents including our Pitch Deck (AIBC Presentation) and KPIs, feel free to DM me and i will share them with you.

Links :

Website :
Invest :
Discord :
Twitter :


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