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Author Topic: [ANN] ORTHOCOIN - [ORTHO] Full of features & strong roadmap and devs - x13 - ICO  (Read 1236 times)


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BCT forum link:

OrthoCoin is a cryptocurrency born to become one of the top coin on the markets.
We aim to reach this objective with a strong and updated development, smooth launch rich of features and constant buy support.
Our development plans are amazing and will be revealed from time to time.
OrthoCoin is launching with a complete features Wallet and many more.
Keep reading our thread to discover more!

ICO is now Live on:

OrthoCoin – X13 CryptoCurrency

* 60 second blocks
* RPC Port: 51222
* P2P Port: 50990
* Algorithm: X13 POW/POS starts on block 14400
* Ticker: ORTHO
* Max PoW Coins: 673925 ORTHO
* 5% PoS Annual Interest
* MAX total coins: 2173925 ORTHO

Block Reward Schedule

* Blocks 0-5760 are 0 reward for ICO duration
* Blocks 5761-5961 are low reward (1)
* Block 5962-7200 : 50 ORTHO/block
* Block 7201-10080: 100 ORTHO/block
* Block 10081-14400 : 75 ORTHO/block
* PoW Ends on Block 14400
* PoS MinStakeAge: 24 hours
* PoS Max: Unlimited​
* Max PoW Coins: 673925

OrthoEMS: Encrypted Message System, working and live since launch.
You can communicate sensitive datas and messages with encryption safely with OrthoEMS!

WebChat: Embedded Webchat connecting to dedicated IRC channel.
Users will be able to chat directly from wallet: you can share opinions, trades tips, and more with your community mates!
(You can see from this screenshot a test block mined ;) )

Network Stats: embedded network statistics manager. Watch real time difficulty, number of blocks, hashrate and more!

Block Explorer: explore the blockchain and decode transaction directly from your wallet!
(Extra Web based block explorer will be available too)

WEB WALLET: make a secure account on our webwallet, receive and send coins from any browser, from anywhere to anyone!
(OrthoWallet will be opened for closed beta to our investor upon request the first day of second week.
 From the 3rd week it will be released to public.) will host our Pre-Sale ICO.
ICO will last 4 days since official opening on their market
(Will be announced officially through our and their communication channels).

Official Escrow:


1'500'000 coins are available for pre-sale at two different batch of prices:

- 1'250'000 ORTHO will be sold at 0.00002 BTC each (2000 satoshis)

- 250'000 ORTHO will be sold at 0.000025 BTC each (2500 satoshis)



Our collaborators and us monitored for many months various ICO and pre-sales, on and off-exchanges.

We found that the only way to ensure a stable and over ICO price of the Coin is to use the ICO funds to build
a STRONG buy wall for the whole period of PoW mining distribution.
Since the maximum amount of OrthoCoins available to be mined is 673'925 we should need half of the ICO funds to cover the
possible dump of ever coin for the whole PoW period.
Assuming that investors will not dump their own coins below ICO price, and according to the statistics that 60%-80% of pow mined coins will be dumped by miners,
we can guarantee a buy support using around half of the total ICO funds gathered.

Here it is a simple graph explaining this:


Of course you will be wondering where are the ICO funds going? In holiday with developers? NOT!

We have a ready plan of investments with funds gathered from pre-sale.
This graphics show the percentual of the total ICO funds used for every investment we are sustaining.

Windows Wallet: Available at launch.

Mac OSX Wallet: Available at launch.

GITHUB Source: Available at launch.

Linux: Linux users please compile yourself with Github source.

Android: Available Soon!

iOS: Available Soon!

All bounties will be payed after launch.

Translations: 15 ORTHOCOIN each translations. (We double check them so do not use google ;))

Blog Posting/ Article: 100 ORTHOCOIN + 0.005 BTC

Signature Add: 20 ORTHOCOIN

Custom Reddit Creation and Manteinance: 50 ORTHOCOIN (and 20 ORTHO weekly from 2nd week)




ICO is live on


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