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Author Topic: [ A N N ] RedOakCoin::{ R O C } Scrypt Currency By: RedOakIndustries [ R O I ]  (Read 1012 times)


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  • Standard Scrypt Algorithm
  • 2.5 Min., Transaction Time
  • 1.5 Day(s) Re-Target Time
  • 72 Million Max Subsidy
  • 129.53 *ROC Reward (Initial Inflationary Term)

>>>115* ROC Reward (RollingROC-Decay Init)
>>>qSubsidy *ROC Decay (0.00016%)

Red Oak Genesis:

Code: [Select]
const char* pszTimestamp ="July 3 Moon Fraction is 0.18804759381102 with a distance relative to Earth of 401283.55 km";
Code: [Select]
block.nTime = 1404438495

First RedOakCoin:(ROC) Pools

Special Thanks To: jjj0923

First RedOakCoin:(ROC) Exchanges




RedOakCoin:(ROC) Blockchain Explorer



RedOakCoin:(ROC) Proof of Developer


On Red Oak Coin's Subsidy Decay:
P.B. & Aetheros have a wonderful idea of what a Saturday night should look like. Armed with a pen and several napkins they got to work drawing SINC Function Charts, and creating math functions. The outcome of that Saturday night was a unique Subsidy Decay formula to append the tradition 50% Halving Block * Reward Decay. Instead of a pre-set nTerm decay * 1/2; RedOakCoin will decay at a rate of 0.00016% Per-Block! Initially, we had decided to run it every 7-Days. However, we found that a per-block would actually achieve our end goal of higher stability better and faster across all boards.

First: ROC will begin at 129.53 * Coin Reward for exactly 17280 Blocks

Second: After the above state Height is reached, the reward drops to 115*Coin to balance the 72-Million ROC Spread

Third: Each block after 17280 will decay 0.00016% allowing for a much smoother transition during decay terms
This feature is protective against strong Pool & Large-Miner Exchange 'Sell-Offs' during traditional difficulty adjustments.

RedOakIndustries Team:

Aetheros: Lead Dev., Project Manager
Vulcan: Dev., Node Management, Recruitment, Marketing
Plebius: Dev., Marketing, Design
P.B.: Dev., Mathematician, Quantum 'Design'

The RedOakCoin Dev., Team at RedOakIndustries follows a rigid system and series of security protocols to protect the development process. "We follow a ridged security protocol for Updates, Communications, Ideas, Concepts, and Progressive Development. - In the spirit of transparency and Aetheros's love of teaching and sharing, we have decided to make public several of the Protocols & Procedures that we practice." (Vulcan)

OnLine Linux Distro: Gnome Based Only [Ubuntu-Fedora-Archlinux]
  • Encrypted FileSystem
  • ext4

OffLine Linux Development Distro: KDE or Gnome [Solydxk-RedHat -Other++]
  • Removable Network Adapter / Card / or Laptop Switch
  • Planned Secured Network Connections For Updates
  • Shred & Remove Pre-Connection

Linux Utilities:
  • codeCrypt [Post--Quantum File Encryption]
  • Shred

Windows 8.1 Procedures:
  • MinGW / MSYS [Never MSVC]
  • VirtualBox For *.Exe Testing
  • No Antivirus [Exception Made For Eset If Necessary] (Manual Security Only & Windows Defender)
  • Py-BitMessage [NameCoin Based Email Client]
  • Onscreen-keyboard For Dev-Cirtical Passwords
  • Zero-Tolerance For Password Managers [Pen & Paper Only]

Universal Utilities:
  • OpenDNS-Crypt [Data Packet Encryption]
  • SpiderOak Encrypted Storage, Backup, & Sharing
  • TCP/UDP-Monitor [WireShark or TCP-Monitor]
  • TOR-Bundle
  • i2p [With Care: After Shred & Sweep Procedures]

Network Security:
  • RaspberryPI WireShark Server (HoneyPot Setup If Development Is Deemed Critical)
  • Routine Port Scans
  • WPA2 [Never WEP] (Crack Your Own WiFi Until Secured)

  • IronKey USB [Self Destructing FIPS-3 USB Drives]
  • External-SD [Self Encrypted System – Never Factory On Board Security Manager]

OSX: Terminal Only (Almost Done)
Android: In Dev., (Not Almost Done)
iOS: In Dev., (Far Away, Almost Done - Few Weeks)
Begin: Launch Redoakcoin-qt.exe
1. Locate The 'redoakcoin' dataDir
1b. [Windows 8.1] C:/ > Users > *YourUserName*
1c. On Top: Click "View" && Check Off: Hidden Items; File Extensions;
1d. Find And Enter AppData > Roaming > redoakcoin
2. Right Click & Create new Text Document && Rename it to, "redoakcoin.conf"
2b. Remember it must be, ".conf" not ".txt" or ".conf.txt" (This is a common mistake)
3. Now is also a good time to Encrypt your wallet from the ROC-Core Wallet
4. With the *.conf saved & wallet encrypted, File > Exit
5. Restart / Re-Open Redoakcoin-qt.exe

ROC::Key Stats
RPCMainNet = 7166
P2PMainNet = 7266
RPCTestNet = 12712
P2PTestNet =12812

Code: [Select]
(The 'redoakcoin.conf' file is configured for SoloMining)

There will be no premine.  We believe that allowing equal access will preserve the integrity of RedOakCoin.

This post has been verified by VulcanROC:Dev.,

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We have added Red Oak Coin up for Voting Please contact me for more info.  :)


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