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Author Topic: Bitcoin Garden Forum: 05 Apr 2022 Newsletter #77  (Read 38 times)


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  • Bitcoin Garden Forum: 05 Apr 2022 Newsletter #77
    « on: April 05, 2022, 10:07:26 AM »
    Hello my dear forum member.

    This is Secco, admin of Bitcoin Garden Forum, writing. Welcome to this new edition of the Bitcoin Garden Newsletter.

    LEARNING CRYPTO, CONFERENCES AND EVENTS: The next weeks are full of crypto events taking place in various countries. In this newsletter you will find a brief summary of the top ones and a couple of promo codes that will allow you to get tickets at discounted price, in case you want to attend. A more comprehensive list of events can be found at: where you're also welcome to share your favorite events and local meetups. Future evolution of the COVID-19 outbreak may be impacting some of those event, so I suggest to follow the news on the official websites to stay updated with the dates, as the schedule can change at any time.

    BITCOIN CONFERENCE AFTERPARTY: The First NFT Auction to Support A Female-Driven Charity, Presented by TokenSociety. Bitcoin2022 is coming to Miami, and leaders of the crypto community will be hosting the events the whole second week of April. One of them, Crypto Gala, presented by TokenSociety, promised to be a hit. The Gala promises an NFT auction, a panel with top speakers as Sean Kelly (Chibi Dinos NFT founder), Michael Terpin, Rarible founders, and Jeremy Gardner, as well as a party with a famous performer. All of the profits from the NFT auction will go to the Miami-based NGO Code Art. More info:

    BLOCKCHAIN LIFE 2022: April 20-21, 2022. Moscow, Music Media Dome. One of the biggest blockchain, cryptocurrencies and mining events in the world. 5000 attendees, 100 booths. Meet CEOs of international companies and establish effective and fruitful cooperation with them. Discover all insights about 2021-2022's trends and new ways of earning at the stage, the expo zone, and in the lobby. Learn how to earn by investing in cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects. Be the first to integrate blockchain into your business today and earn more. Find out how to create every stage of your project, promote it and get the attention of investors by presenting your project with the help of  StartUp Pitch. Learn how to quickly list a token at world's biggest crypto exchanges and correctly manage token value. More info:

    SUPERMOON CAMP: April 5th-10th 2022 in Miami, USA. Exclusive quarterly crypto pop up camps around the world with crypto influencers, enthusiasts and thought leaders. Supermoon Camp is an exclusive community of blockchain innovators and enthusiasts who are driving mass adoption of cryptocurrencies to new heights. They inspire economic freedom and raise awareness of emerging technologies through a combination of bold content-heavy discussions and exciting events happening during our pop-up camps. Their core values are decentralization, economic independence, and innovation. More info:

    BLOCKCHAIN FEST CYPRUS 2022: May 4-5, 2022 in Limassol, Cyprus, Parklane Hotel. Blockchain Fest is one of the most interactive hybrid European event on on Blockchain, Exchanges, Cryptocurrencies, Decentralized Finance (DeFi), NFTs, Mining, Gaming and Gambling, Online Payments and Investment. Produced by FINEXPO (community with over 100,000 crypto & fx people), organizer of financial conferences, forums, summits, exhibitions, shows, festivals, fairs and awards. Bitcoin Garden users can use promo code MBF2022 to obtain a 20% discount on tickets. More info:

    2022 CHINA METAVERSE WEEK: May 20-21, 2022 in Shanghai, China. 2022 China Metaverse Week is initiated by the metaverse information aggregation platform CC Global. China Metaverse Week gathers builders, entrepreneurs, investors and experts from metaverse, brands, gaming, social, avatars, NFTs, 3D, VFX, VR, AR, Web3 and beyond. China Metaverse Week covers many different subjects and addresses different levels of comprehension of the metaverse, aiming to build a business exchange platform linking China and the global metaverse industry, together for an opening-metaverse future. More info:

    BLOCKCHAIN FEST SINGAPORE 2022: June 2-3, 2022 in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. Blockchain Fest is one of the most interactive hybrid events in South East Asia on Blockchain, Exchanges, Cryptocurrencies, Decentralized Finance (DeFi), NFTs, Mining, Gaming and Gambling, Online Payments and Investment. Unique space for personal and business development where every attendee will get an opportunity to join the fest filled with exhibition booths, networking lounges, conference and workshop spaces. Produced and brought to you by FINEXPO, organizer of financial conferences, forums, summits, exhibitions, shows, festivals, fairs and awards since 2002, with a community of over 100,000 crypto & forex participants. Bitcoin Garden users can use promo code MBF2022 to obtain a 20% discount on tickets. More info:

    WORLD BLOCKCHAIN CONFERENCE AND AWARDS: Organized by FBR Events and scheduled to be held in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore from July 04-05, 2022 is a premier meeting attracting international participants industry and showcases a wide variety of Blockchain offerings. This two-day event will include high-level plenary talks, keynote lectures, interactive sessions, panel discussions, oral and poster presentations, technical workshops, and other social gatherings covering the latest research and innovations in Blockchain. All attendees will be able to network with each other and exchange their experiences while exploring the possibilities of Blockchain revolutionizing different industries while examining regulatory requirements that affect Blockchain and several domains. Updates focusing on the rapidly evolving era of Blockchain Offerings will be the highlight of this forum in addition to case studies from different industrial sectors. More info:

    PARTNERSHIP BETWEEN BITVAVO CRYPTO EXCHANGE AND THE ROYAL DUTCH FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION: KNBV is the largest sports association in the Netherlands with more than 1.2 million members. Normally these kind of sponsorship deals are made with banks, lotteries, airline and insurance companies, now Bitvavo as a crypto company shines alongside the established names such as ING, KPN and the Dutch Lottery. The Dutch National Football team is widely considered one of the best national teams in world football and widely regarded as one of the greatest national teams of all time. This sponsorship will provide Bitvavo with international exposure as millions of football fans around the world watch the European and World Championships. The collaboration between Bivavo and the KNVB will last two and a half years and will involve also a collaboration with regards to the innovation and adoption of the new technology. Bitvavo is the largest crypto exchange in the Netherlands with more than 1 million customers and has the ambition to become an important European digital asset exchange.

    NEWSLETTER ARCHIVE: All the past editions of this newsletter are available on the forum, in the newsletter archive:

    That's all folks! Enjoy your garden! As usual, comments and feedback are welcome. Secco.
    Hacker, Pirate, Milf Hunter, Owner of Bitcoin Garden


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