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Author Topic: How to Create & Launch a P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform within 10 days?  (Read 39 times)


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Hey cryptopreneurs, wanna launch a p2p crypto exchange platform within a week???

Then, the P2P Cryptocurrency exchange script is the perfect business solution for your crypto exchange business requirement. P2P cryptocurrency exchange script is a pre-designed & developed cryptocurrency exchange script/software that helps a crypto entrepreneur/startup to launch their crypto exchange platform in an efficient way. And, the p2p crypto exchange script minimizes your platform development timeline, cost, & many more. If you launch your crypto exchange platform by using the P2P crypto exchange script, you will get lots of benefits. Here, I’ve listed some of them:

Benefits of using a P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Script:

- High scalability - There is no fixation in adding trading and security features that tends to vary on market trends.
- 100% modifiable - The p2p crypto exchange script is 100% customizable based on the business requirements.
- High-ROI features - P2P Crypto exchange script comes with many ROI features at a budget-friendly price.
- Budget-friendly - The p2p crypto exchange script is completely cost-efficient, the price starts from $4K [It may change, based on your business requirements]
- Real-world test - The script is pre-tested multiple times in the beta module, so that the script would be 100% bug-free & secured when deployed.

These are some of the highlighting benefits of using p2p crypto exchange script. The next step is to work on some important things like, which is the best p2p crypto exchange clone scripts & reliable clone script provider. Yes, these two things are much more important in starting & launching the p2p crypto exchange business. First, we start with finding the best p2p crypto exchange clone scripts.

Best P2P Crypto Exchange Clone Scripts:

The crypto market is overflowing with a significant number of exchange clone scripts, but only a few p2p crypto exchange clone scripts are popular & many startups/entrepreneurs prefer them. Here are they,

- LocalBitcoins Clone Script
- Remitano Clone Script
- Paxful Clone Script

These are the three popular p2p crypto exchange clone scripts, and the next big question that comes to your mind is “Who offers or Where can you get the 100% secured & customizable p2p crypto exchange clone script?”.

Indeed, it is a million dollar question for all startups & entrepreneurs. Nowadays, the market has only a few prominent crypto exchange clone script providers. Finding a reliable one might seem daunting, but it is not. I can help you with this. As I did some research on finding the best p2p cryptocurrency exchange clone script providers, CoinsQueens seeked my attention. You can opt their services to stand out from your competitors by getting a reliable p2p crypto exchange script from them, that is 100% customizable according to your crypto exchange business needs.

If you are interested in getting a P2P crypto exchange script from CoinsQueens, feel free to get connected with their blockchain experts via,

Whatsapp/Telegram: +91 87540 53377

Skype: live:.cid.2c9e7bb84396db52?chat

Mail: [email protected]

For an Instant Free Live Demo, Check Here >>> P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Script


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ESCROW is one of the top-security features which shall be integrated with a P2P crypto exchange to enhance the security of that particular crypto exchange. Let me open up it for you in detail,

After completing the initial set-up process for trading/investing, the user will be all set for the purchase of the cryptocurrencies he/she would like to.

Initially, the user/buyer will be looking into the various advertisements listed on the exchange by the sellers and then the relevant advertisement would be pulling the users’ interest towards it.

If the advertisement of the user's requirement matches, the buyer would be proceeding further to make a successful purchase of the crypto.

The buyer makes the payment equivalent to the cryptocurrency he/she would like to buy, via various modes of payment that are available in the exchange.

After making a successful payment, the buyer would be intimating the seller with the alert notification, whereas the seller will be notified.

At this certain, the seller will be transacting the equivalent amount of cryptocurrency to the buyer. All this fiat money and cryptocurrency will be held under a medium. This is where the ESCROW comes in.

Only after these successful transactions, the exchange of the money to the seller and the crypto to the buyer will be executed by this ESCROW service. If any malfunction or any kind of error occurs in the middle of the transaction, the exchange of these crypto and fiat money will be held. And an issue will be raised and then the admin will be looking after it.

This is how this ESCROW contributes its major role to this P2P crypto exchange. Enabling this service will be highly beneficial for your business, attracting more users to your crypto exchange in terms of the security provided to your users. After getting to know this, with a great business plan in your mind, all you have to be aware of is how to develop a P2P crypto exchange effectively.

Being an entrepreneur, you would probably know that a crypto exchange script is the most effective way for initiating a crypto exchange. Likewise, having a wide knowledge of this P2P crypto exchange script and its role in your P2P crypto exchange development process will be an added advantage for you to run your crypto exchange business successfully.


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