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Author Topic: TankPad | World's First Gameplay-Based IGO Launchpad  (Read 62 times)


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TankPad | World's First Gameplay-Based IGO Launchpad
« on: January 17, 2022, 07:40:06 AM »
We have a crypto game on Binance Smart Chain called Tankpad where players can play to earn with unique tokenomics and win IGO allocations from top crypto gaming startups all based on their actual in-game score.

Some Important Unique Value Propositions:

- Actual 100% playable & working game that has been on google play/app store for years with great reviews that the same devs will be rebranding & integrating crypto, NFTs, and blockchain

- Unique Play-To-Earn Mechanics

- IGO Competitions - Compete in games for IGO allocations based on score in game that are funded by us

- Tankpad NFTS all have unique 100% randomized stats that affect in-match gameplay

- TankPad Streamer Champion fund - Smart contract based payout system based on streamers watch time + discovery for new streamers on our platform

- Cool game modes that offer unlimited earnings potential - Pink slips & buy in game mode where people can win tons of $$$ on top of play-to-earn earnings

- Make sure to make clear that the coin & NFTs haven't even launched yet even though we have a working game and more done than most other crypto games with $50M+ market cap so NOW is the opportunity to get in super early on ground floor with this crypto gaming gem that you've discovered before this pumps to the moon in upcoming months

Official TankPad Links









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