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Author Topic: How the recovery expert I found on here helped me in my fund recovery  (Read 367 times)


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Well I tell you investment is not a child play especially when you are looking for a huge return and profit December 12 2021  I got contacted by a friend who told me about some investment sort off everything was goin well until i got a message saying  “Your account has been suspended......all trades and withdrawals are temporarily blocked”
And henceforth I received no email from the support team. I tried to log in days after and all of a sudden I got an alert stating that my email and account does not exist.

Luckily, I came across some experts in financial fraud and lost funds recovery who helped me with unlocking getting all the funds I lost to these fraudsters, I was lucky I had some history of the transactions made to them, The experts were able to follow the coin trail back to a source where it was recovered. You
Not even a penny was paid for this help until after I got my back my funds, just for those who are being scammed too, I’d leave an email address of the experts, write to them requesting they help you get your funds back.
support @ elzonte coinboxcom.
I hope this helps


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