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Author Topic: Instagram deplatforms Letís Go Brandon Coin Cryptocurrency Page  (Read 43 times)


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Make Cryptocurrency Great Again: Instagram deplatforms Letís Go Brandon Coin cryptocurrency page

The situation with cryptocurrency in the world resembles the situation with Trump's supporters - both of them have less and less free platforms to express their opinion. And if we managed to get used to the abandonment of advertising of cryptocurrencies, the restriction from platforms for politicians is something for which the world, it seems, was not yet ready.

Letís Go Brandon Coin  ( is a cryptocurrency designed to unite around itself supporters of the rejection of restrictions on freedom of speech in the United States and beyond. It was created by American Conservatives in early November 2021. Since the opening of trading, the currency has more than doubled in price. ( At the same time, on January 1, 2022, LGB Coin cost almost 5 times more than two months ago: in November, one US dollar could purchase almost 2.8 million LGB Coin.

After deleting the profile of the cryptocurrency from Instagram, the Governor of Florida first spoke about it. ďWhat is LGB Coin to blame for, why is it off-platform? When Trump was president, I felt free to say anything about him. Why now, when a democrat is in power, is this no longer the case? "

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