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Author Topic: INSN Coin 🔷 POW/POS/Master Nodes/InstantTXs 🔷 18.4m Coins 🔷  (Read 50409 times)


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  • Re: INSN Coin 🔷 POW/POS/Master Nodes/InstantTXs 🔷 18.4m Coins 🔷
    « Reply #165 on: November 16, 2017, 11:07:14 AM »

    *** New Dev @MrOk conversation on Discord ***

    we are working hard so by that measure, things are healthy. The primary goals for INSN are fixes to the rewards structure but there are other things we are adding to the wallet to-do list because exchanges don't want us to do lots of wallet updates these days.

    We aren't going to be announcing the wallet release schedule until we have things working on the test net and we are certain the dates (and corresponding block-heights) for the new wallet features, so we'll be making these announcements in the coming weeks.

    summary: we don't really have an eta but we will any day now...

    also, we will probably make some modifications based on feedback from community and update the roadmap, that is really important I'm not trying to sound flippant but I'm being honest, it's too early to say what the ETA is but things have gone more smoothly than expected so far? That's the best I can do at the moment

    Q: Eta means estimated, it is not expected to be exact. You can say for example, a date where where you know it will be far done. If you say "any day before June 2019" may be better received than no eta at all.

    A:  ok I expect it in February, I hope it will be December, but I am making wild-ass guesses as opposed to estimates
    because as an engineer, my estimates are expected to be rigorous.

    *** You really should join INSN Discord for the latest info ***


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    Re: INSN Coin 🔷 POW/POS/Master Nodes/InstantTXs 🔷 18.4m Coins 🔷
    « Reply #166 on: November 17, 2017, 12:55:14 AM »
    wowww...great news


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  • Re: INSN Coin 🔷 POW/POS/Master Nodes/InstantTXs 🔷 18.4m Coins 🔷
    « Reply #167 on: January 16, 2018, 03:27:45 PM »
    Two important updates from the INSN dev Mrok on Discord...

    January 07, 2018

    Hi Folks, I had to take time off from working on INSN because of the holidays and  an unexpected stint helping my old employer. Fortunately I don't need to take another contract for a few months now so I'll be focusing full time on INSN development until the new release is out.

    The holiday gift is complete! it is integration with the Bisq decentralized exchange. Our github changes need to be approved and included w/ Bisq so it's not live... and I'm not sure how long it will take but I'll update as soon as I know.

    I'm definitely behind where I hoped to be with the new wallet release - I now estimate that the wallet will be ready in early February. I'm still working on the blockexplorer changes. The prior dev (CCZ) agreed to review everything when I'm ready so thats the next major milestone on my schedule.
    Also, I'm going to do a whitepaper that is not cribbed and says things about why our coin is unique and special so we can handle traffic from new people who are interested in joining our community.
    I have a degree and had to write papers in college, but i would appreciate input and editorial support!  I promise it won't be too snarky so that we can have it translated without undue difficulty.
    Thats all for me for now, I'll be online more now that I don't have to go into the office.

    January 11, 2018

    Howdy everyone, heres' the rundown - I am going to focus on some high level stuff today and we can do tech deep dives if people are interested.
    A. Rewards - I have an implementation that is following the new INSN reward specs (with 2000 intead of 20000 coins per day) after some very very light testing. I 've looked in detail at the proof of work / proof of stake difficulty code and there are a couple of improvements that should ensure we are seeing POW blocks.   I also have not implemented the  5% admin budget because I haven't seen code that I'd like to copy yet for that feature.

    The big  remaining items for  rewards is all testing to ensure our fixes for POW/POS diff are working the way we want.
    We are on the correct item currently  with the official INSN roadmap, current roadma item: Wnter 2017-18, "Make our wallet noticeably better than all the other coins with similar wallets." When bittzy convinced me to add searching to the masternodes tab  I started learning how mcuh cool stuff we could be doing hhat we arent' doinig yet.  All except one of  the major UI issues are done  - the remaining bug to fix in the UI is that our wallet lets you spend you r masternode coins, thus disabling your MN associated with those coins. We are going to give the user a warning/cancel option instead of silently taking their MN offline.
    NOTE: Every other masternode coin I've used has the same problem, w silently disabling the masternode - details like a meaningful alert will impress cryptoenthusias who are sick of the same bad code getting copied into every altcoin.

    OOPS add "Item B" next to "we are on track on the roadmap because we are focused on wallet improvements."

    C. I mentioned in a prior update that the night-mode has a better UI now, and some other UI improvements like fixing the flashing masternode list, but  we are going to make our walle t look a LOT better.  We are going to produce  the follwing graphic items which we will include in our wallet to make it beautiful. We will develop these graphics as a community so that they are fantastic.  Graphic 00:  A nicer splash screen - Bittzy mentioned to me doing an animation in the splash screen which would be great, and i did a quick check and yes, we can use ANIMATED GIFS in our QT canvases, so ... we need a bunch of great animations so we can decide on a winner. It's ridiculously easy to make animated gifs, so this should be pretty entertaining. We can also use these animations in twitter/emails/etc  so... if yo uhave an idea that you like but doesn't work well for a splash screen go ahead and do it anyway and submit it!  I suggest we work all this out on our discord channel but I"m open to suggestions..

    Graphic 01: Background images for the wallet, for both night-mode and normal mode.  These images must  be mostly dark or mostly light in color so that the graphics dont' interfere with the text in the user interface.  And, finally, Graphic 02: We need to update our logo in a couple of small ways, unless someone comes up with a logo that we all love more than the current one (which I am quite attached to) . The logo updates we need are: Remove the border and the text "INSANE" from the bottom, and make the background transparent. This will make our icon look liek all the other modern coins on cruptopia,  and it will follow the google design patterns  of making icons as simple and flat as possible.

    Everyone's Favorite Topic, the schedule for delivery -   I am going to stop work the imroved blockexlorer because it's taking too much time and bittzy suggested that we can just replace our bad wallet block explorer with code that opens a web browser to the cryptoid explorer.  I think this is smart and elegant and in fact better than the complex blockexplorer that pivx includes (which I was using as a referene). than routing t open the browser to the web-block-explorer from within the wallet when you specificity an address or hash or blockheight etc.  Mid February but its still do-able.  I think we will hae a "release candidate" that will EVENTUALLY pass our tests to our satisfaction, but we are  going to need to test for a long time,  Our secret sauce incognito dev has found some security issues
    omg i dindt' edit that

    to put it simply: We will be done with development
    but not testing.

    My colleague on the dev  team has  a sensible  test plan that we will follow:

     Basically, unscrupulous coders have been attacking  coins that are in the process of being updated  because the new code can have  problems.  Our plan for mitigating this:  Don't introduce new problem.Do our internal testing  without any  code avail to the public. When our testing indicates we are ready for public testing we will post the new source code and invite the public to participate in our beta.

    Please join INSN discord for all the latest Insane info:


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  • Re: INSN Coin 🔷 POW/POS/Master Nodes/InstantTXs 🔷 18.4m Coins 🔷
    « Reply #168 on: January 18, 2018, 02:58:22 PM »
    NovaExchange is not closing. This is the ann in their home page:

    We are happy to announce that we have found a new partner that is willing, experienced, and able to carry on running Nova Exchange.
    So.The show will go on! More information will follow. In the meantime, keep on trading crypto.
    Best Wishes to you all!

    INSN deposits are still unavailable, but I think we will see them back soon. This is a great news for INSN!
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