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Author Topic: How to Mine SHIB on Your Laptop or PC (Step-by-Step Tutorial)  (Read 296 times)


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  • How to Mine SHIB on Your Laptop or PC (Step-by-Step Tutorial)
    « on: November 18, 2021, 01:47:01 PM »
    SHIB has become really popular over the past month and it's price is still low to a point that if it were to ever get anywhere close to it's competitor (Dogecoin), some great profits could be made. A site called Unmineable has setup a pool where you can mine and get paid in Shiba Inu coins. Best of all, you can even do it on a laptop or desktop computer.

    To make things easy, I decided to write a simple step-by-step tutorial over how to start mining SHIB on your laptop or desktop computer in under 5 minutes. This quick guide should be able to help anyone start mining Shiba Inu from even the most basic PC (as long as it's 64-bit).. Check it out and think about giving it a shot if you're into SHIB!
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