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Author Topic: Backgu Token: Efficient Opportunities Of Receiving Rewards Using Crypto  (Read 43 times)


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Backgu is a hyper deflationary crypto coin that has particular rewards for every transaction. A pup represents Backgu It is regarded as one of the most relevant coins of today as it supports open communication and believes in prioritising transparency, trust and community over others for long term development.

Anyone and everyone on the Backgu platform can enjoy the rewards. $BACKGU is the native token of the BackguCoin ecosystem. $BACKGU coin is very highly beneficial for transactions inside the Backgu community.

How does Backgu Work?

Backgu pays its dividend in Doge and every 5 to 10% of a transaction is collected as dividends for holders. It is paid in Binance Peg DOGECOIN. It also has automatic dividend distribution in which the scheduled dividends are deposited into people's wallets. The number of distribution cycle times depends on the number of holders that are there for Backgu in the market. Hence a minimum of 200k Backgu tokens is required to be out in circulation for it to be qualified for sharing dividends. 5% of every transaction will be taken in by a contract and a portion out of this will be used for marketing and the rest will be used to buy back and burn the token. This will positively impact the selling price of Backgu.

Tokenomics of Backgu

The total supply of $BACKGU is 10,000,000,0000,00 and out of that, 15% is used for the team, 40% for burn and 10% for presale. 23% is used for liquidity, 10% for marketing and 2% for the airdrop.

To receive the rewards for the $BACKGU token, there is no need to stake or lock up the tokens. One just has to hold their tokens in their wallet and the balance will automatically increase because of rewards.

There is a 10-15% tax fee on each transaction. Out of this, 5% is used for airdrop with $Dogecoin, 3% for the influencer marketing that Backgu does and 2% to provide liquidity to Pancakeswap. There are also lottery rewards that holders can simultaneously receive by just holding the coins.

To know more about Backgu, visit:


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