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Author Topic: What is RICHMINT DAO? Features and Working  (Read 38 times)


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What is RICHMINT DAO? Features and Working
« on: January 04, 2022, 07:25:33 AM »
Renewable energy use increased by 3% in 2020 as demand for all other fuels declined. Major growth of 7% has been reported in electricity generation from renewable sources.

Long-term contracts, priority access to the grid, and continued installation of new plants are the cornerstones of renewable energy development. But despite all the development and progress in this area, people and businesses are facing various obstacles in the full adaptation to sustainable energy. That's where RICHMINT DAO fits in.


RICHMINT DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization that is utilizing the power of the Richmint blockchain, well-executed smart contracts, NFT, dual token ecosystem, and many more latest technologies to power ESG adoption to achieve carbon neutrality.

It is aimed to connect various stakeholders of the Energy Ecosystem with a focus on companies that are ESG compliant and strive to be the market leader in providing Decentralized Blockchain solutions.

Richmint marks global energy trading to make renewable energy trading seamless, secure, and easily accessible to all. With a suite of Web 3.0 based dApps, all stakeholders can now track and trade energy, environmental commodities, and exchanges on a fully robust next-generation decentralized technology layer that supports a growing global energy ecosystem. Designed to be convenient. while connecting energy producers and buyers.

The projectís reach is not limited to the energy sector. RICHMINT DAOís tokens are for all the ESG based businesses. Some of the major sectors like health care, pharma, agri commodities, EV charging, etc, are also covered under the roof of RICHMINT DAO. The project is covering a broad area that will not only bring businesses from all these fields together but it will also attract more users, buyers, investors, and trading activities. RICHMINT DAO is having a dual token ecosystem, it is helping the ecosystem to work more effectively.

RICHMINT DAO, with the help of well-executed smart contracts, will be fully decentralized giving decision-making power to its token holders on the Richmint blockchain. Smart contracts oversee the creation, testing, and shipment of global RE Energy trade experiences.

If the above is not enough, 1% of the funds raised in the ICO will go to the Support Initiative for a Carbon-Neutral Earth. Now after talking about the aim and the base of the project take a look at the features of RICHMINT DAO.

Features of RICHMINT DAO

  • Richmint NFT Marketplace: With an NFT marketplace, Richmint is trying to help every Renewable Energy consumer to enter the new DeFi world while unlocking unlimited possibilities with PPAs and tokens.
  • Richmint Exchange: RICHMINT Exchange, a central exchange enabling spot trading with unlimited tools and the best user interface and user experience powered by RMW token, offers our users the best crypto buying, selling, and exchanging experience.
  • Richmint Blockchain: A blockchain is exclusive only to stability-based projects with DAO implementations for the first time in the blockchain industry. It will protect the platform and usersí data effectively while managing all the activities effectively.
  • Dual Token Ecosystem: RIT and RMW with their unique use case and easy swap capability provide a seamless experience and make the platform more crypto regulatory friendly. The tokens can be used in investment, rewards, access, governance, trade, community development, and many more activities.
  • PPA Collateralization: Each PPA in the ecosystem is created as an NFT, providing better liquidity and all these NFTs can be collateralized by adding a new DeFi layer to ESG projects.

With the world slowly realizing the importance of sustainable or renewable energy, there are many regions around the world that are on a path to fully adopt these sources of energy. We are making it even easier for the world to adopt the latest technology like NFTs, DApps, etc, and a futuristic platform called RICHMINT DAO. Bookmark our website and go through our whitepaper to know everything about our revolutionary project.


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