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Author Topic: [ANN] 🎥🎥🎥 CinemaDraft 🎥🎥🎥 Daily fantasy - but for the movies  (Read 36 times)


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Las Vegas, NV, USA/ September 18, 2021 -  The fair launch token sale for fantasy sports-style gaming site CinemaDraft begins October 7, 2021. This Initial CD3D Offering will last for 24 hours only at Using a Dutch auction type of cryptocurrency sale known as a batch auction, investors will submit bids for 20 million of the 100 million CD3D token supply, with orders being filled after the sale ends from highest price to lowest price.

CD3D powers the in-game token economy for the upcoming CinemaDraft game platform. A Binance Smart Chain-based token priced in stablecoin BUSD, CD3D boasts popular DeFi features such as:
- 10% transaction fee that includes dividends, burn, plus buyback & burn
- Anti-whale protocol capping transactions to 0.15% of the token supply
- 30-day+ staking rewards for longtime holders
- Monthly liquidity release schedule

Funds from the token sale will empower CinemaDraft, LLC to complete a self-service decentralized exchange token launchpad for other gaming tokens. Additionally, CinemaDraft will complete developing its first daily fantasy movies game DraftStream with the funds acquired, sponsoring marketing and free-to-play prize pools using cash and CD3D prizes.

Star Cards are the celebrity NFT collectibles that earn CD3D based on the actorsí in-game performance. This organic integration to CinemaDraft games provides intrinsic, organic value above that of the largely speculative non-fungible token market.

In CD3D, CinemaDraft brings innovation and decentralized finance to the $20 billion Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) industry. Players will become investors; investors will become players. The Community Jackpot Fund - a dedicated portion of the token supply used to reward the most consistently active players - will be deployed on a quarterly basis. Future plans include a play-to-earn program for players to own Star Cards for free while sharing their revenue with CinemaDraft. As the rare
deflationary token with actual utility, CD3D features sound tokenomics designed to withstand the cyclical, high-variance nature of cryptocurrency investment.


Founded by the game's creator, CinemaDraft is managed by CEO/Founder Edwardo Jackson. Mr. Jackson's areas of expertise include publishing, movie criticism, marketing, and professional poker.

As an avid cryptocurrency enthusiast and investor since 2013, Mr. Jackson owns the educational site CinemaDraft, LLC is a Nevada-incorporated company based out of Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America.
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