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Author Topic: Grand Opening of the Largest BSC (casino)  (Read 21 times)


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Grand Opening of the Largest BSC (casino)
« on: September 15, 2021, 03:49:05 PM »

Mello Token is a redistributive cryptocurrency (casino) token on the Binance Smart Chain that was launched in March 2021. They have recently announced that the development of their online (casino), named Mello (casino), has finished and they will be launching on October 8th, 2021 at 8:08AM PST.

Mello (casino) is reported to have a legal entity that will be formed and headquartered in the Central American country of Costa Rica where registration within the jurisdiction of this country legally allows them to perform all gambling-related activities. The tokenomics of Mello Token, named Mellonomics by their team, includes a 3% transaction fee on all buy, sell, and transfer transactions outside of centralized exchanges that will be redistributed to all holders. A profit-sharing program will also be implemented to give 5% of Mello (casino) profits to all holders who have at least 100,000 Mello via an airdrop. Holders of Mello Token will be able to utilize their tokens anywhere in the Mello (casino) environment and a variety of innovative promotions and bonuses for holders are currently underway to be ready by (casino) launch.

Once launched, the Mello (casino) will be the largest cryptocurrency (casino) on the Binance Smart Chain. The team behind Mello has developed the (casino) with their iGame partner Gammastack, a well-known iGame company with over 8 years of iGaming experience, over 250 team members, and more than 500 projects. The Mello (casino) will have over 2000 games sourced from more than 40 game providers and will include slots, table games, and sports betting among other (casino) games. Utilizing their sports betting platform offers an opportunity to bet on sports such as Soccer, Tennis, Football (NFL), Hockey (NHL), and Basketball (NBA) with much more incoming.

The Mello team has also announced some very unique bonuses for their top holders. Every wallet with 1 million Mello or more by Mello (casino) launch will get a limited edition 1M+ NFT offering these holders a special (casino) bonus which is set to be announced at a later time. It is reported that there will never be any more 1M+ NFTs minted after those given to wallets by (casino) launch making this a very exclusive item. This makes Mello (casino) the only cryptocurrency (casino) that offers a utility within a (casino) environment for holding an NFT. In addition, all Mello Token holders who have 1 million or more Mello for at least 30 days will get a 2% profit share airdrop in addition to the 5% profit share airdrop. Holders with 1 million or more Mello will also have an opportunity to join the Millionaire Club and receive a physical card with built-in NFC technology that will give them further benefits still to be announced.

Another promotional event the Mello team has reported is the launch of an exclusive Mello NFT collection consisting of approximately 1000 NFTs with varying features and attributes. These NFTs will be priced at 1 BNB each where all profits from this collection will be reinvested back into Mello. Half of the profits are slated for direct reinvestment by adding 250 BNB into the liquidity pool and using 250 BNB to buy Mello Tokens while the other 500 BNB will be used for marketing. The Mello NFT collection is set to be released before (casino) launch with a date and platform to be released soon.

The most up to date information on Mello Token and the Mello (casino) including details regarding the Mello NFT collection, Millionaire Club, and other promotions can be found on their


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