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Author Topic: scam on bybit derivatives  (Read 349 times)


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scam on bybit derivatives
« on: September 04, 2021, 02:06:37 PM »
Hello, i got liquidated on bybit exchange and lost all my money, but as fact my lost was around 60% based on trade's details ( I was liquidated 3 times (also btcusd and xrpusd, tilt after SOLUSDT), but i will describe first one, in two other was all same.

Let we calculate it: Entry price = 85.791 x 215 = 18,445.9250 USDT. And Exit price was = 88.735 x 215 = 19,078.0250 USDT. So 19,078.0250 USDT -

18,445.9250 USDT = 632 $. So as a fact, i lost 632 $, but not -1,011.583 $.

I woke up and seen that i dont have position and any funds on my account, so position was liquidated at 88.7$. So, where is other money (1,011.583 $ - 632 $= 380$) ? And why 90.45$? (scrn 1 again), there are filled prices are different of same deal? wtf.. Look at time of liquidation and chart ( You can see that there was no 90.45$ MUCH of hours, even more so pos was liquidated at 88.7$. Point 1 is candle where i was liquidated. and point 2 is candle where you can see 90.45$ first time ever. So, how is possible if we cant find that price at time of liquidation, and pos was liquidated MUCH of hours before that price, how its possible to calculate my loss like that ? they calculated me max loss when its impossible on time of closing position, so they just and calculated me it MUCH of hours before, and during this time i cant do anything with my position, i could fix loss and save my 380$. its just scam.


"Please allow me to explain that the liquidation process will trigger

when the mark price hits the liquidation price. Once it it hit, the

system will try to close the position as quickly as possible given the


In the case of your position, the system was unable to close and

therefore ended up at the bankrupcy price of 90.45$"

1)"as quickly as possible" - system couldnt fix my loss during MUCH of hours from 88.7$ to 90.45$? its max loss for me. Scam.

2)"In the case of your position, the system was unable to close and therefore ended up at the bankrupcy price of 90.45$" - As you can see, there was much of hours for closing position on better price from moment, when i was liquidated ( Also it was impossible to close position on 90.45$ (with max loss) all this time, even more so pos was closed at 2021-08-28 01:54:12 as you can see on So they just waited for max loss for me?

"2) Bankruptcy Price is used for the settlement of liquidated positions.

a) You may notice that the price shown inside Trade History for your

liquidated position will be higher (Sell Short position) or lower (Buy

Long position) than your initial liquidation price. This is called the

bankruptcy price.

b) This is to allow remaining margins to be credited into the

insurance fund, which is then used to absorb any contract losses if

other positions on Bybit cannot be liquidated at a price that is

better than the bankruptcy price

c) This may be a reason why the settlement price of your liquidated

order cannot be found on the chart.

d) From a trader's perspective, an insurance fund is beneficial as it

limits tradersí liquidations to lose no more than their position

margin (under isolated margin mode). For more info, refer to this"

Seriously? My loss will be calculated using nonexistent price, but as a fact market price will much lower at same time (for short) and its

ok? So, i will lose 60% of bankroll and they will steal my 40% for another operations, for their needs. Why i need to pay for somebody's

loss? Do you understand, its sick. i can pay only same amount which i lost on market prices. its super scam and they cant steal my

money. So now its their money which they can use for THEIR losses if system will calculate to other trader more loss than he can lose.

I hope you will help me somehow to get my money back, obviously its my money. 40% its big scam for stealing like that. They dont want to tell

me their regulator. Where i can complaint? There was also two liquidations on BTCUSD and XRPUSD (

BTCUSD: entry price = 48,911.7 x 9,537 qty = 0.19498282 btc. exit price = 48,662.0 x 9,537 = 0.19598454 btc. so ive lost = 0.19598454 -

0.19498282 = 0.001 btc, but not 0.002 (its 50%! around 50$). its impossible to fix position yesterday, with nonexistent price which you

can see only tomorrow. and what if you will not see that price?

XRPUSD: entry = 1.1300 x 6,000 = 5,309.73 xrp. exit = 1.1162 x 6000 = 5,375.38 xrp. so 5,375.38 - 5,309.73 = 66.07 xrp, but i lost 121.32...

all same, 121.32 - 66.07= 55.13 xrp i should get back, its around 70$!

So, 380$ + 50$ (0.001btc) + 70$ (55.13 xrp on current price) = 500$ in total. Its my money and i want it back.
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