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Author Topic: [Recruiting] Frontier platform - Cryptocurrencies Hedge Fund & ecosystem  (Read 22 times)


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Hi everyone,
I would like to create a cryptocurrency hedge fund with an ecosystem surrounding it (lending platform / token). As the project is quite ambitious, I am recruiting people to help me to make this project a reality. I listed bellow the project keys points.

Keys features :

Frontier Hedge Fund   
   - Use collaterals to buy major cryptocurrencies for mid/long run.

Frontier token
   - multipurpose token powering Frontier platform
   - Get discount to borrow money through Frontier lending platform.
   - Earn interest by staking it on the platform.
   - Used as collateral to provide liquidity for the hedge fund.
   - Not meant to be liquidated, as it is mostly hodl by Frontier.
   - Can be sold by the hedge fund in order to buy more assets due to leverage.

Frontier lending platform
   - Lend or borrow cryptocurrencies at competitive interest rate.
   - Currencies are used as collateral to provide liquidity for lending and for the hedge fund.

Interest by the project ? Any motivated person is warmly welcomed ! May it be accountant, lawyer, computer-guys, people with good knowledge of ICOs or hedge fund, and or any other motivated person.

As the project is still immature, I can only guarantee remuneration if the project comes to fruition. However, generous rewards await you if it is successful !

MP or post on this thread for more information.


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