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Author Topic: Facebook-Backed Diem Partners with K2 Integrity to Build Financial Crime Complia  (Read 62 times)


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In this new age of financial innovations characterized by digital currency, financial crime compliance is becoming blurry day by day. Because entities often miss what is within the law and against, many are found battling court cases with governments.

It is with this new reality that Facebook-backed Diem has partnered with risk monitoring firm K2 Integrity to build strong financial crime compliance controls. Diem Networks U.S. is outsourcing the service of K2 Integrity to design a framework that will protect Diemís Financial Intelligence Function (FIF).


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No matter how hard Zuckerberg tries, regulators in the United States and the European Union are unlikely to allow the scandalous Libra / Diem stablecoin to earn his, if supported by Facebook. It seems that Zuckerberg has already forgotten how he assured during the Congress meeting that Libra / Diem would have nothing to do with his Facebook.
There are many other good projects in the cryptocurrency world such as and this project is currently running its IEO on Coinsbit.


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