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Author Topic: Still not profitable with your trading?  (Read 69 times)


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Still not profitable with your trading?
« on: August 13, 2021, 12:59:14 PM »

Still not profitable with your trading?

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Investing in the stock exchange -Trading of financial instruments is extremely risky. While we do not offer any trading services concerning any financial instrument, we need to note that you should not trade with any financial services provider unless you understand and assume all the risks involved. You are solely responsible for conducting your own research before making any investment decisions and, where appropriate, obtaining personal advice on this matter. We do not provide this type of advice, and you should consult with independent advisors.

Please note that we are only providing website users with educational services consisting of several commercial "training" courses, including tutorials, blogs, learning packages, several levels of market training, etc. that are offered solely for educational and training purposes, which you can buy from the company’s website.

You should also be aware that trading financial instruments with the provider of your choice can be extremely risky. Trading leveraged instruments (e.g., CFDs or foreign exchange contracts) entails an even greater risk of financial loss; leverage may work for your benefit, or against you. Trading leveraged financial instruments may result in a significant financial loss (even your whole investment). Before trading any financial instrument, and even more so leveraged financial instruments, you must ensure that you fully understand and be prepared for the risks involved in trading.

Trading financial instruments is not suitable for all investors, and you are responsible for assessing whether trading is appropriate for your profile. We will not evaluate your personal situation (including your financial situation) as we only provide educational services, and we cannot comment on the suitability of the transaction in general or the transaction of any particular financial instrument, which may be appropriate for you. We do not provide any trade, financial, tax, or legal advice, and you should consult your own independent advisors before engaging in trading.

Any information provided to you as part of our educational services constitutes general information only, is not personalized for you, does not consider your personal circumstances, and, although it may contain certain predictions, does not include any guarantee that such prediction is correct or accurate. You are solely responsible for evaluating the quality of any information, as well as its suitability for your personal circumstances. We are not, nor shall we be liable, for any loss or damage caused due to trading financial instruments with a third party or by you trusting any information, prediction, analysis, or report provided to you. Do not trade with borrowed money or money you can't afford to lose.

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