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Author Topic: [ANN][ICO]Hi:Health | Ecosystem for Diagnosing a Human Body in Real Time.  (Read 2097 times)


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« Reply #1 on: August 06, 2018, 08:45:45 PM »

Blockchain Technology can revolutionize every sphere in our life. Digital currencies were the first ever application of blockchain technology, arguably without realizing its true potential. The real benefits of blockchain were realized with its possible application in many different industries. Since then a number of use cases of blockchain technology in different industries have been proposed including but not limited to finance, the Internet of Things, digital rights management, government, ecology, transport, and law.

The health sector too is not left behind, using the perfect and enormous importance of blockchain,  a group of health and blockchain experts comes up with a platform to provide solutions to virtually all health diagnostic problems.

The need for health services is constantly increasing in the world due to environmental deterioration, using chemical components and hormones in food production and lots of factors more. The population of Earth is increasing and more and more people need medical help. Today in many regions of the world there is an acute shortage of qualified health personnel. While in post-Soviet countries overcrowding in medical institutions is concerned as a serious problem, in many Asian countries (including Japan, China and India) the situation is catastrophic, as the quantity of patients there exceed 1000 per day per doctor. Taking into account current trends, among which are increase of the world’s population and increase in the morbidity rate, lack of health personnel in the medium-to-long term just will be increasing.

In this regard, the most serious situation is for numerous and vulnerable groups of health services consumers. They are older persons and also people who live with serious and chronic illnesses, with locomotor disorders. It’s physically difficult for them to go to health centers in order to undergo regularly a medical examination and to stand in long lines waiting for diagnostics. Overcrowding in medical institutions also exacerbates the risks of virus or infectious disease spreading, especially during epidemics.Of no less importance is one more fact, that overloading of medical stuff increases the risk to tell a wrong diagnosis and treatment. It has important, sometimes fatal to the patient, consequences. It can cause problems connected with heart or arterial hypertension with complications leading to myocardial infarctions and insults.

HiHealth is a blockchain-based global ecosystem that acts as a data broker platform based on the alliance of artificial intelligence and blockchain. By combining the revolutionary technologies, HI Health hopes to establish a personal ecosystem from where users can have private medical data diagnosis system from where they can analyze for potential illnesses.

HI: Health is a platform that educates counterfeit consciousness how to early diagnosis of various sicknesses through the utilizations of a large number of therapeutic reports and data gathered from health control devices. This will likewise make it feasible for the AI to recognize circumstances and end results relationship between the functioning of body organs, frameworks of the body and the episode of maladies.

Applying medical reports of great amount of patients, and also indicators of health-control gadgets, we teach artificial intelligence to ensure early diagnosis of different illnesses and determine previously unidentified cause-and-effect relationship between functioning of body organs and systems of the body and outbreak of diseases.

AI will be able to analyze slightest deviations, which human can’t notice, and also to get more accurate survey results (for example, electrocardiogram) resulting from clearing devices of noise. Also with the help of Al it would be possible to monitor effectiveness of treating in real time and correct doctor’s prescriptions.


Hi:Health tokens (HIH) are going to be issued during the its ICO so that funds generated will be used to further develop the Hi:Health platform, machine learning neural networks as well as enable the platform to become more stable i.e. self-sufficient. A total of 1 billion HIH tokens and no more will be available for sale during the ICO. It is important to know that HIH tokens are based on the Ethereum blockchain and are needed in order to use the full features of the Hi:Health platform apart from the basic features which are accessible for free. An increase in demand of HIH tokens as time goes on (because they are the only means for payment within the Hi:Health platform), coupled with the fact that the tokens are limited in supply, will lead to an increase in the value of the tokens


July - September 2017
Studying problems in medicine and finding solutions to develop a strategic map

 October-December 2017
Writing Whitepaper, developing a smart contract, creating an architecture and developing a prototype platform, preparing marketing strategy.

January-April 2018
Run Pre-ICO, pre-order gadget RocketBody,   create   legal base

May-August 2018
Launching the ICO, publishing &HiHealth v1.0 with the functionality to collect (purchase) user data, partner programs with clinics and CIS laboratories,

 August-January 2019
Buying medical data, processing medical data, teaching artificial intelligence,   Buying medical data, processing medical data, teaching neural networks Prediction of possible heart attack by analyzing variety of viewpoints (height, age, EKG/Echo readings, analyses, chronic morbidity) Diagnostics of common complaints or diseases based on blood chemistry and patient symptoms.

 February-July 2019
Release and publish HiHealth v2.0 with a personal artificially intelligent helper, launch broker's date.

 August 2019
Health and life insurance,



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thanks to the developers for such an amazing device


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Re: [ANN][ICO]Hi:Health | Ecosystem for Diagnosing a Human Body in Real Time.
« Reply #3 on: November 24, 2020, 11:12:29 AM »
I think this is a great device! I would be interested in using it. I think I haven't seen any device measuring the hemoglobin in the blood. It would be interesting to know how it works. Now I undergo treatment by a doctor because I have iron deficiency anemia and I have to monitor my blood hemoglobin level every day.


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I believe that there will never be a technology that can diagnose a person better than doctors!


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